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Welcome to the Benefit Of the Doubt homepage. We are a "hybrid emo" group from Campbell, California. Our band is made up of Rory Fry on guitar and vocals, Kyle Hunt on vocals, Mike Clair on bass, and Cullen McCormick on the drums. We are all 16 and are Juniors at Westmont High School.

NEWS: 12.15.01. SERAPHIM COMPLEX Listen to Mike and Rory's acoustic group from 4-6 pm. on KSCU,1033. Peace.

Local Bands

a 10.5.01 Westmont Shield article by Shannon Cole

//Westmont is home to several bands of its own, comprised of talented individuals. Benefit of the Doubt, described as a "hybrid emo" band, is comprised of Juniors Kyle Hunt, Rory Fry, Cullen McCormick, and Mike Clair. They performed during last year's Spring Fest.\\

Copyright Cullen McCormick, Rory Fry, and Benefit Of the Doubt 2001

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