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Where?: Battle of the Bands at St. Thomas Aquinas

When?: December 14th, 2001

Songs Played: Girlfriend, Move On, and She Knows

Comments (from the band): This was the band's first show and they first went in it because they thought they would be the least experienced out of the roster. After the show was over, the band found out that many of the bands playing were also just starting out. Overall, the band believed that the show went well (except for Bryon, he said that the guitar was not loud enough, which was correct). The song “She Knows” is an outstanding song which many people commented on. This show was the revolutionary event which made the band realize how well they could do without Keith.

Comments (from the fans): "After seeing Blind Man's Revolution play at Battle of the Bands, all I can say is - When are they getting signed?? I really admired the fact that they still went up and played, despite the fact that their singer at the time, Keith Sprunt, could not be there to sing. The amazing thing is, they sounded terrific (and better than usual) as the bassist, Andrew Groh, did an outstanding job singing! To me it sounded like they played everything perfect, whether they think so or not. I think the highlight of their performance would definitely have to be the fact that they played their own songs. They are wicked songs, and all I have to say to Andrew, Bryon and Mark is: Good luck in the future, you know I will always be there for support, and I can't wait until the next show!" - Kerri


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