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Blind Manís Revolution started off with Andrew Groh and Bryon Henderson. They both played guitar and made a cd of spoof songs. They later acquired a great singer and music writer named Keith Sprunt. The three of them became really good together and started the search for a drummer. They had their eyes set on either Matthew Grundy or Mark Carney. After they heard both of them the choice was obvious. Mark was the new drummer. They made quite a few songs and became pretty popular.

First their name was Phuze, but then it changed to switch 540. Unsatisfied, they changed it to Blind Manís Revolution which stuck.

BMR played their first show at their schools Battle Of The Bands where they played without Keith, for he was away on an extra curricular trip. The show went really well and the three were complimented by many. Most people said that they sounded better without Keith, for some do not like Keithís voice.

After a little while, things were heading to a non-familiar place. The band was thinking of getting rid of Keith. After much consideration, Keith was no longer in the band.

Many people were shocked when they heard the news, mostly Keith himself. The band wasnít sure if they should use their old songs, but they did. For the songs were quite good.

They are working hard for an upcoming show in the summer at Fitzyís Crab Shack in Barrie. Everyoneís invited, show date will be posted closer to the summer.

After some thoughts and not a lot of actions, the band has all changed. Keith is back in the band. Since the band was moving slowly, they thought that if they got him back, it would regenerate the process again.

Shortly after, Bryon left the band due to lack of practice and in his mind the band was going nowhere. But BMR still lived. Sadly, without a guitar player the band had to make some changes. So as it was right then, they had Mark on drums, Keith as the bass player and vocals and Andrew switching over to guitar and vocals.

After some time, the band had gone nowhere and hardly practiced. Well that ended with the arrival of Bryon, but there were some changes in the bands roster. Mark was gone for the band felt that he wasnít as committed as the rest of them. Bryon had found a bass/drummer over the time he was gone. Matt Grundy.

The bands now looks like Bryon as the guitarist, Andrew as the bassist/drummer/vocals, Keith as vocals, and Matt as bassist/drummer. They have made a few new songs and are looking forward to play infront of an audience.