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About me!

Hi guys,  I have tried to compile different aspects and ideas on this site. About myself, I did my schooling in Biscoe in Kashmir. Graduated from Computer Science and Engg. program. I have worked in various fields including CAD, RDBMS, Telecommunications (2G/3G Wireless & Wireline Technologies), Robotics and Enterprise software.…

Biscoe School  is where extracurricular activities became a second nature for me. It was a pain in the initial years (3th/4th class) to go for cross country runs from Amira Kadal to the Sankaracharya hill and back, and so was the annual camp with us carrying full beddings in a ‘holdall’ (cotton support, pillows, sheets and blankets) since most of us including myself did not have proper camping gear (and also we were supposed to do it the "Biscoe way"..... the harder way!!). The weekly regattas in Dal were tiring but definitely fun. Lots of time after the race, we would head towards floating gardens and get tomatoes, cucumbers & "Pambach" (Lotus Fruit).  

Hiking....Being in Eastern Canada the best I can do is Adirondacks or Appalachians. So I started climbing the peaks in Adirondacks with my friends in a desperate attempt to become true member of 46'rs Club. Still got ways to go.

Some of the mountains I have climbed: Mahadev (Kashmir), Right Peak Algonquin Peak ( Adirondacks),  Mt. Washington ( Appalachians), Twin Peaks ( Zabarwan Range , Kasheer), Nun Kun Base Camp (Parkhach, Zanskar)

Swimming ..... another passion of mine. I love to swim whenever possible. My favourite spots are St. Lawrence Seaway (Thousand Islands), Lake Huron (Grand Bend), Lake Ontario (Sand Banks), Lake George (NY), Lake Champlain (NY/VT), and of course Bathing Boats in Dal Lake.

Poetry ..........  relaxing .................. freeing yourself. I enjoy reading and listening to works of various poets. Among my favorites are Ghalib, Rumi, Tagore, Gibran, Eliot, Frost, Poe.

Movies ..... I remember heading to Regal and Broadway Cinemas to watch a movie with friends. These days it is with the family whenever time permits. My favourite movies: Any (all that matters is the company)

Flying .......... Probably the most exciting thing I ever did. This is thanks to my friend Clayton who introduced me to it. and am enjoying co-flying and viewing the Canadian landscape.

Music .......... I like all sorts of music right from folk to Hindustani to Western. Recently listened to some Jazz albums by Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington. Some of it is really good stuff. My favorite still is Louis Armstrong.......

Literature .......... Have always enjoyed a good reading and discussing it with friends....... Some of my favorites readings;