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The Björk Guitar Archive

Welcome to the Björk Guitar Archive! Due to the lack of sites which contain quality arrangements of Björk, Sugarcubes, Kukl, and Tappi Tíkarrass songs for guitar and bass, I have decided to create my own. Enjoy!

Update: 01/12/04 - Added the Sugarcubes' "Delicious Demon", "Dragon", and "Cat"; added Tappi Tíkarrass's "Ottar"

Update: 07/27/03 - Added the "MIDI Files" and "Links" sections and "Desired Constellation"

Update: 07/09/03 - Added "Alarm Call"

Update: 07/07/03 - Added "Cocoon" and "It's Not Up To You"; corrected "Violently Happy" and "Generous Palmstroke"

Update: 04/21/03 - Added "Venus as a Boy" and "One Day"

Update: 03/17/03 - Added Sugarcubes' songs from Life's Too Good and Stick Around For Joy; added Tappi Tíkarrass's "Tjet"

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the Sugarcubes


Tappi Tíkarrass

Björk MIDI Files



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