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it was inevitable. Adventure beckoned me the moment I saw the 'welcome' mat at the entrance of my home put up the other way around. it was as if the world was welcoming me into it. I took that inviation and quickly booked my tickets and packed my bags. From then on, it was whatever the world wanted to throw at me. i was at the mercy of the world's whims and fancies.
I looked to the left and the right, then i looked left again, nothing seems familiar to me. Still I pushed on, adventure beckoned, but it seems to be more like a misadventure to me. One that have taken me to the beautiful land of indo-china, where great civilizations once reigned and present civilizations find itself in awkward positions. And it is these awkward positions that brings about

much dispositions. Where moments of precious clarity are streched out beyond any known continuum. Where one can sit back and do nothing but think. Something that we all ought to do. That was exactly what I did. 8000 kilometers, 12 weeks, 18 passport stamps, 52 rolls of film later, I arrived home from a strange misadventure in beautiful indochina.



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