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All purses are previously used and age and wear should be expected.I ask that you look at the pictures carefully and read the descriptions. I do my best to note as much detail as possible when it comes to purses flaws and age.
All items are sold "as is" and no refunds or adjustments will be made.
These purse are ALL vintage (ie, used, previously owned and so forth).
Silver Plastic Beaded Purse: 6x7" Heavy set silver beads and plastic. Inside, lined with off white cloth. Tagged:Du_Val, Hand Made in Hong Kong. No damage on the outside of purse. Inside, one small scruff mark (easily removed with Pine Sol and water or any other fabric cleaner. Original Chain. Condition: A
White Plastic Beaded Shoulder Bag: 9x9.5". White Beaded Purse with strap. Inside lined with white cloth. Tagged: Hand Made in Hong Kong. Outside is slightly dirtied by age around its rims. Inside liner has no rips or marks. Condition: B+
Large Plastic Beaded Bag: 14.5x15". Unique beaded purse with large plastic brown handle. Outside is missing beadeds in one area. (Pictured above right). Looks as if beads weren't glued on in making. Inside is lined with black cloth. No tag.Outside is in great condition minus missing beads. Inside is in perfect condition. Handle shows a wee wear on rim. Condition: B+
Multi Coloured Plastic Beaded Purse:10.5x7". Plastic beads (white/red/blue/yellow and green) set on black cloth. Zipper opening with small cloth handle. Inside is lined with black material and stamped in gold. Stamp reads "Lumered, Made in U.S.A:Pat.No.2,582,132". Theres also some other writing which I am unable to read. Item looks to be in great condition. Condition: A
Small Silver Beaded Purse:Silver bead purse with white cloth lining. Tagged: Hand Made in Hong Kong, Exclusively for La Regale LTD. Outside is missing one bead that has left two small threads. Inside is in great condition. Inside rim shows some wear. Some marking to cloth around hinges due to age. Condition:A
White Beaded Hand Purse:Heavy fine beaded pearl white plastic beaded hand purse. Lined with white cloth. Tagged: Made in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Outside is in great condition. One small discoloured area (under beads). Can easily be cleaned. Inside is in great condition. Some dirt wear around rim. Condition:A
Faux Pearl Clutch Purse:8x4". Heavy faux pearl clutch purse with metal rim. Insid eis lined with pink. Stamped "JR U.S.A". Zipper pocket inside. No missing beaded. Metal rim shows some age to the metal. No rips, no stains. Condition:A
White Beaded Purse with Mother of Pearl Toned Rim:9.5x8.5". White plastic bead hand bag with Mother of Pearl plastic rim (both sides). Tagged: Made in Hong Kong. Slight dicolouring on outside due to age. Three small stain marks also due to age.Inside in perfect condition. One small stain at bottom of bag. Condition:B+
Small White Beaded purse with Chain:8x5.5". White beaded purse with gold toned rim and chain. Tagged: Hade in Hong Kong. Outside and inside is in perfect condition. Condition:A+
Green Beaded Purse w/ Gate Top:7.5x4.75". Very unique styled vintage green beaded purse with silver toned metal extender opening. Tagged: "Made in Hong Kong". Inside is lined with green cloth. Outside is green plastic beads wooven in with green string. Opening opens up to 3.25 inchs round. One bead as a slight small discolouring which seems to be natural. There is one small pull one one side of purse. Condition:A
Reversable Multi Coloured Beaded Bag:9.5x9.5". One side is black cloth covered with white, blue, yellow and red beads. Reverse side has white cloth and white beads (small beads). Great condition minus a few single missing beads (hard to notice). Slight discolouring of the white side of purse due to age. Condition:B+
Heavy Beaded Purse w/ Mother of Pearl Trim:7x5.25". Beautiful white beaded purse with faux gold rim and pearl coloured plastic rim. Inside is lined. Pencil mark inside. Easily washed with Pine Sol and water. Tagged: Hand Made in Hong Kong. Condition:A+
Gold beaded Purse:6.5x6". Gold beaded vintage hand purse with chain and faux gold rim. This is a beautiful little purse lined with gold cloth and marked "Hand Made in Hong Kong". Theres a pin hole in the fabric where a safety pin was and small imprint in the cloth where the price sticker was when purchased. Condition:A+
Large Beaded Bag :16x15". Beaded bag in the design of the Great Wall of China on both sides with large plastic handles. Handle carries some wear makrs. There is a missing bead or two. Condition:A
Heavy Beaded Purse:9.5x6.5". beaded purse with bead strap. Beige and Bronze coloured. Lined with brown cloth. Heavy Purse. No damage. Condition:A+
Small White Beaded Purse:8x4". Plastic Beaded Purse or Pencil Cas. Clothed line. Zipper opening. No Tag. Outside is slightly discoloured by age and there is some red marks. Inside shows some read pencil crayon(?) markings. Condition:B-
Very Fine Beaded Purse:9.75x5". Fine beaded purse (off white). Lined with white cloth. Tagged: Styled and Created in Japan By Artel MFG. Co. Montreal. Open top with zipper moddle pocket. oustdie has a few loose threads on side. Inside has some marks. Condition:A-
Beaded Handbag:10x12". Beaded handbag (white, clear, pink, green, yellow and blue. Zipper opening. Tagged:Goldco, Made in Hong Kong. Inside lined with white cloth. Outside rim near zipper shos some discolouring from age. Inside bottom has large stain. Looks to be something had spilt in it. A few single missing beads. Condition:C
Fine Beaded Off White Purse:9x5". Fine off white beaded purse with zipper opening. Tagged with Styled by Ardel Montreal. Made in Japan. Lined with white cloth. Outside in good condition. Inside shows some slight discolouring Condition:A-
Large Beaded Handbag w/ Mother of Pearl Rim:10x12". Heavy Rimmed bag with white and clear beads. Plastic mother of pearl coloured rim (exact material unknown). Inside lined with off white cloth. Tagged: Hand Made in Hong Kong. Outside shows discolouring due to age and some stain marks.MOP rim shows some wear as long as around metal rim (rust). Some sticker glue left on MOP rim (easily picked off or washed).Inside is in great condition. A few small marks. Condition:C
Shiney White Beaded Purse:8x5.25". Small purse with faux pearls, gold metal rim and chain.Lined with white cloth. Tagged: Styled by Artel Montreal. Made in Hong Kong. Outside shows a few missing beads and one loose bead. Insid eis in perfect condition minus one pencil crayon mark, easily removed with Pine Sol and water. Condition:A