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The line-up of their Progressive period:

Mark 3 - Tony Banks (keyboards), Peter Gabriel (Vocal, Flute and Percussion), Anthony Phillips (Guitar), John Mayhew (Drums) and Michael Rutherford (Bass).

Mark 4 - Tony Banks (keyboards), Peter Gabriel (Vocal, Flute and Percussion), Steve Hackett (Guitar), Phil Collins (Drums) and Michael Rutherford (Bass).


Genesis formed in 1966, they spent few years to find their direction. Until Genesis got to the 3rd line up, they then had their first Prog record Trespass to release in 1970. After that, Genesis went to their golden period as the 4th line up. 

Nursery Cryme (1971) and Foxtrot (1972) were recorded at the time that they were getting mature, and the later Genesis: Live (1973) fully captured their great performance of songs in these 2 albums. 

Selling England by the Pound (1973) and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) were Genesis best albums in their Progressive period. And then Peter Gabriel left the group and went solo, drummer Phil Collins took the vocal and soon brought the group into the mainstream in 80's.

The sound of Genesis in the Progressive period was pastoral, refined and bright. The way of Steve Hackett and Tony Banks to perform was so calm and peaceful; it's quite different from normal Prog Rock group, though they used synth but the based of songs were always acoustic. The front man Peter Gabriel's performance that moved Prog Rock into a more theatrically way, as he used to wear a larger flower, fox, wing, etc headset or mask and make up, to tell his story within the lyrics. With using dry ice and light effect, Genesis' concert was like a multi media performance. It's sadly that people knows Phil's Genesis rather than Peter's one.

I think the music of Genesis (Prog Rock period) is all timeless, I love them in anytime, any place. The albums below are all classic, have a try~

Key Albums