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Art/Classical/Progressive Rock

Happened from the end of 60's, a deeper journey from psychedelic rock. A theatrical arrangement included time signature and tempo changed. Greatly inspired Krautrock, even Post Rock.

The artists' playing and composing techni were highly agree as very very good, most influenced by classical, blues and jazz. Most album under these field were concept albums, that means there's always a theme behind an album, so sometimes, there's only two songs or one song about 20 or 40 mins in an album. It's not easy to listen, to enjoy. At last, they were all eaten by 77's Punk, those 3 mins noise songs.

Anyway, Progressive Rock properly the greatest moment showing the human ability in music art. In someway, they were showing the Super Ego of Nietzche.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer was one of the progressive rock tri in the early 70's.

Keith Emerson from Nice was the craziest keyboard player on earth, with his classical influence, their first great work is turning the Russia's Nationalist "Five", Mussorgaky's Pictures Of An Exhibition to the classic classical rock.

73's Brain Salad Surgery was their best album.

Now, people seemed took them as a joke, as they think their music was a practice and always repeat.


VolkerThe Paththe Fountain of Salmacis

Genesis! Forget the Phil Collins' one. Before coming as a pop group, Genesis was an Art Rock band mixed with classical,country style influence. I also agree that Peter Gabriel was a glam rocker with his theatrical make up.

Their best work is Selling England By The Pound.


Elephant TalkKing Crimson


Floydian SlipPink Floydthe Endless River

the Most Complete Pink Floyd PageThe WallStorm Thorgerson

Pink Floyd is the only band can keep attracting young people among from other progs. And their prog rock were greatly influenced by the dark side of psychedelic and avant garde, David Gilmour blues and psychedelic guitar, Nick Mason's jazz drums, Rick Wright's spacy keyboard and the most important vocalist, lyrics writer, bass player, Roger Waters.

One of the all time biggest album ever,The Dark Side Of The Moon released in 73, still a masterpiece. Talked about the drown side of life, lonely, alienation. Other albums like Wish You Were Here, The Wall and my favourite Meddle are all worth to listen.

After Roger left, Pink Floyd is meaningless, just a name to make money.

Forget to tell, the very early Pink Floyd was led by the grandfather of Blur's Graham Coxon, space folk Syd Barrett and it was a pure psychedelic band.


Roxy MusicRoxyrama

The real Velvet Goldmine? Bryan Ferry was a born glam rocker and Brain Eno made his Roxy Music became Art Rock. Roxy Music was a group made with Glam and spacy Art Rock.



Yes MuseumYesworldRoger Dean

2 songs in one album, each was 20 mins long, 4 songs a 2 disc albums. I'm talking about Yes' greatest Tales From Topographic Oceans. In their classic line up with Spanish, classical guitar player, Steve Howe and classical guitar player, Rick Wakeman.

Yes was the greatest prog rock band, the gone through Art Rock to Classic Rock to their unique Epic Rock. But beside the were nothing, nowadays, people see them as the greatest dinosaur in music history.


Eirc Clapton

He's not a pop singer. He's the best white man in blues, forget those Wonderful Tonight, Change The World, etc.. Take out his Just One Night Live, Worried Life Blues is the real Clapton.


Jeff Beck

Also from Yardbirds, Jeff Beck was another great guitar player who crossed over rock, blues and funk. Blow By Blow.

Hard Rock

Before boring heavy metal, hard rock was very exciting and liveliness music in the early 70's. The 2 bands below were the biggest name under hard rock.


Deep Purple

Undoubtedly, line up 2 was their best period. Everyone knows the riff from Smoke On The water. But my favourite is Child In Time.

Real Purple fans will take Made In Japan rather than Machine Head, trust me.


Led Zeppelin

Brought mysticism into rock history, inspired coming death , doom metal. Not only a hard rock band, folk, psychedelic also involved in Zep.


he Doors

The Doors, Jim Morrision, The End. The first poet was dead.

My favourite is When The Music's Over.


the Velvet Underground

Remember Lou Reed's Perfect Day? John Cale's Close Watch?

Not only a Andy Warhol's band, VU's The Velvet Underground & Nico always a very influential album all time with The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and Pink Floyd's Dark Side.

My favourite is druggy Heroin, SM Venus Furs, drowning Sunday Morning and sweet I'll Be Your Mirror.

Beside, I believe they were the first group who worn sunglasses as an image.

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