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Meet Me In The Bathroom

I am a tragic and hopeless romantic

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The Smiths
I am the epitome of unrequited love but at least I do something constructive with it.. sing beautiful songs, which will continue to win audiences over years after we have split up. I can be wistful, cathartic and depressive but at the same time I am a very deep, thoughtful person. More than likely I am contemplating something very important even if I don't look like the sort! I think before I speak and so what I say somehow has more meaning. Basically, I'm a well rounded person so nyah :p
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Dear Dennis,
I am very sorry that I broke into your webpage again. Please forgive me.
Love Always,



"There's nothing less interesting to me than watching a bunch of grown men chase a damn ball around." --paraphrase from Northern Exposure ep. 5/6 "Birds of a Feather"