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Hi. I'm Reese. I'm a filmmaker.

I wrote a screenplay that I'm told is really good.

So I went to Los Angeles and shopped it at a few places.

No one was interested though.

I guess a great screenplay becomes less attractive

when the writer wants to direct.



So, I guess I'm making a movie.



Things have been coming together nicely.



We even got a well known actor to play the lead.



Though, ironically, that's been the biggest problem.


The fact is we're having serious trouble communicating.

When we're working, he doesn't know what I mean.


Actually when we're not working, he doesn't know what I mean.


He's a nice guy. I don't think he means to be difficult.


I just can't talk to this guy.


This is an independent film. And Im the director.

So I have to do whatever I can to make things work.


Though he's perfect in many ways,

he's completely wrong in others.


How do you get an actor to be as good as,

well, as good as he was in that alligator movie?






Reese: You Like the Script


Reese: I want to direct


Reese: We want you


Reese: Action!


Resse: Cut!


Reese: Less please


Reese: I don't think he means to be difficult


Reese: (Thinking) Less





Who's Rachel?


I can't talk about it.




It's about playing your part, the role you were meant to play.


It's about having your creative voice heard


It's about knowing what you want