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*My Mommy*

I would describe my mother as:

  1. Caring
  2. Loving
  3. understanding
  4. Best of all she is
    always there for me!

From Me 2 You
What would I do without my mother?
who knows, everytime I see her I get excited
We can talk about anything there is no limit to where it can go
I don't need friends because I have one that I can trust at all times
The relationship we share is not comparable
When I'm feeling down I can turn to my mother for anything
Besides that she takes care of me like no other
Without my mother I have no life she is my summer, winter, spring, and fall
She is the reason why I am spoiled out of belief and I wouldn't have it anyother way
I love my mother and she loves me too without my mother there would be no me
So she deserves a day of her own I could care less what anybody thinks!

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