<font size=1><font color=hotpink>I am:</font><font size=4>inked & broken</font>

[x Born] Jacqueline Marie Fortin

[x Called] Jacki, Jack, Jacks, Jax, Jackie-O.

[x DOB] May 30th, 1986

[x Status] Broken

[x Sex] Female

[x Favorite Band] Desparciriados

[x Best Song Ever] Champagne Supernova - Oasis

[x Age] 18

[x Rocks Out Too] All American Rejects, Eminem, Misfits, Rage Against the Machine, The Used, Joy Division, The Killers, The Frames, Thievery Corporation, Bright Eyes, Thursday, Thrice, Desparciriados, The Anniversary, Fiona Apple,

[x Popcorn and Soda Needed] Now & Then, Austin Powers, Goldmember, The Ring, Session 9, The Little Mermaid, Anywhere But Here, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clockwork Orange, Red Dragon, How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days, Kids, Requim Of A Dream

[x Kick The Shit Out Of It] Pop Punks, Emo kids, Uncomfortable sleeping positions, raunchy keg beer, sluts of any form, telemarketers, GC kids

[x Good Things In Life] Good parties, good shows, good times, good music, wasting my time, Aggression, Anti-Sausage, Breathing, Cinderella, Cooking, CTpunx, Decorating My Room, Driving Kim's Car, Drowning Puppies, Online journals, Eating, Fucking Dead Babies, Getting Naked (fast), Killing Children ON bikes, Marijuana, Cheap Beer, Painting, Taking Pictures, Reading, Ruckus, running nude, sexin monkeys, Shoes, shows, sierra mist, skateparks, soda, spam, streetpunks, the little mermaied, webpages, writing, and zines.

[x Fellow Party Gooers] Kim, Kelci, Shannon, Matt, Mike, Mikey, Liz, Ariel, Chris, Bagdel, Sean, Jason, Antoinio, Aslan, Malissa, Brit, MArk, Rob, GEneva, Shannon, Kim, Airin, Gary, Ebbie, Adrienne, Kelly, Chicken, Josh, Egan, Andy, Squints, Jamie, Wil, Mike (?), Adam, Joe, John, Gregg, Jay (NOT BOBELA), Rachul, Shaina, Jimmy, Bianca, Ben, Will, Adrienne, Jenna, Lauren (aka Beer Slut), Derek, Kris, Freddie, Sarah, Nick, Joey, Zack, Brian, Jon, Mel, Mark, Jacqui, Stefan, John, Kristen, and Katie. (To Anyone I forgot, you're just not important ::muahz::)


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