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Gov’t pledges `full investigation’ of Linden shooting

The Office of the President (OP) today said that a full investigation will be done of yesterday’s killing of three protesters by police in Linden.

The incident has incensed people all across the country and President Donald Ramotar held a series of meetings to address the matter, a statement from OP said.

The statement follows:

The Wismar Housing Scheme bridge blocked today by Linden protesters

“The recent tragedy in Linden, Region 10, has created much anguish and led to a determination by the Office of the President to uncover the details of the incident.

Burned out vehicles - Wednesday July 18, 2012

“The impact of the loss of lives and injuries to others, the destruction of private and public property, and, the trauma being experienced by the community has led President Donald Ramotar to engage in a series of meetings with stakeholders.

A fire burning at Four Corner, Wismar - Thursday July 19, 2012

“The President addressed a specially-convened meeting of Cabinet to update his administration on the recent developments in Linden.

“The President also met stakeholders at both the regional and national levels, including:  The executive of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Region 10,  the Leader of the Opposition and his delegation from A.P.N.U. along with the Speaker and his delegation from the A.F.C.,   Mr. Sharma Solomon, Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council and Ms. Vanessa Kissoon, Geographic M.P. of Administrative Region 10.

“During those engagements, concerns about the security situation in Linden were shared and the pledge of the administration to have a full investigation was reiterated.”