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 <<<<||== Coffeesoft Temporary Homepage ==||>>>>


Welcome to the Coffeesoft temporary homepage.  

Coffeesoft is a new tiny game developer especially in Adventure point n click just like sierra classic and lucasarts. Aswin's Dream is the first coffeesoft game, feel free to download and play it cause it's freeware..


I'am sorry, due to the limited bandwith in my area, i have to split the game in 3 pieces

-    Click here for Aswin's Dream pieces 1 ( 2.69 MB )

-    Click here for Aswin's Dream pieces 2 ( 2.69 MB )

-    Click here for Aswin's Dream pieces 3 ( 2.48 MB )

-    Click here for Combiner of  the 3 pieces (  16 KB )

      Total of game size : 7.88 MB


ENGLISH ============================ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So All u need to do is :

1. Download the 3 pieces

2. Download the combiner

3. Place all the files in the same folder

4. Extract all of the pieces and the Combiner ( ), then 

5. Run the exe after you extract it from the to build the entire game

6.  Finish


INDONESIA ========================== >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yang perlu anda lakukan :

1. Download ke 3 pecahan file tsb

2. Download kombinernya

3. Tempatkan semua file yang baru saja di download ke satu folder yang sama

4. Extract semua file pieces serta kombinernya ( ke folder itu

5. Jalankan Exe hasil extract dari itu untuk membangun filenya utuh kembali

6. Selesai




Coffeesoft  2005   


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A few Screenshot of 

Aswin's Dream

Main :


Intro :


Room :


Puzzle :


Graveyard Entrance :

Contact Coffeesoft : or click


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