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Welcome to Arda Estel, home to Anna Rousseau's fanfictions based in the world of Tolkien's Middle-earth.

This is a site under construction (as A Levels are looming and much revision is in order) so please placate yourselves with the stories on offer so far. More coming in the summer.

Up so far is a full length epic action adventure. The menace of Torech Ungol still remains in King Elessar's new Realm of Gondor, and Legolas is missing. The Hobbits, Aragorn and Faramir set out into Ithilien to face the remaining darkness in...

The Return to Torech Ungol [PG-13]

But don't worry, when it seems as if its all drudgery for the King of Gondor, here's a lighter vignette taking inspiration from Keats...

La Belle Dame Sans Merci [A/A PG]

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