Title: 'The Party' Part 2

Author: Anna Rousseau <annadelamico@yahoo.co.uk)

Genre: ER/Star Trek, Voyager

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Series: Interactive fic EPISODE TWO

Summary: Torres steps into a holonovelisation of Be Still My Heart and takes on the persona of Emma Torres, third year med student. See how she copes and vote on what happens next via the alt.tv.er.creative news group.

Thank you for the great response- thank you to all who voted and I hope you vote in this installment too. I decided from the votes to try and incorparate a bit of each high-scoring consequence into the story.


a) Our intrepid Chief Engineer walks into the ER and straight into the arms of one Dr. Dave Malucci.


b) Torres slips on some ice and is rushed into the ER.

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c) Walks into the ER and into the middle of that fateful Valentine's party where we do a bit of getting to know the trauma team.


d) Torres gets pelted in the middle of Mark and Elizabeth's snowball fight and tries to calm her Klingon temper.






B'Elanna ran like an one of those 20th Century olympic sprinters Paris always garbled on about when she entered the holosuite. She hadn't expected something quite as cold, and the gods weren't the only beings to know that Klingons hated the cold.

She noticed a sign just outside an ancient looking building -County General Hospital, beyond that was a set of sliding doors emblazoned with the word EMERGENCY. Torres checked the PADD, she was in a place called Chicago in the second month of the third millennium. *Chicago*, Paris had mentioned it before, and she had determined from an earlier holo-representation to never go there if she got back to the Alpha Quadrant.

The doors opened with a familiar sound of hydraulic hissing and Torres, glanced around at the interior of the emergency room. The first thing that struck her was the excurciatingly loud mucic that penetrated the crisp night air. She took a deep breath, unperturbed by what she had seen so far and elbowed open the second set of swinging doors.

She walked forward slowly heading to the reception and consulted her PADD, no-one paid any attention to her, so she decided to read up on what the situation was.

It was Valentine's Day...some sort of weird Earth custom she remembered being taught about at school. Torres didn't have any patience for this sort of thing. It was just another excuse for people to waste replicator rations of cheap heart shaped chocolates and foul smelling artificial flowers.

"Ouf!" Torres grunted as she collided with another person, she felt her blood boil which resulted in her spurting out a line of Klingon obscenities, "P'taQ!"

The offender took a step back, "Whoa, I'm sorry!"

Torres glared back at the man, her temper calmed as she observed his generally sorry face, he was quite tall, not as tall as Tom though. He appeared to be a doctor, she studied his face and determined he was part latino like herself, he had dark brown eyes...well cut hair...strong shoulders...

She shook her head and stapped out of what was happening to her, "Well watch it next time..." she read his badge "Malucci!"

"People call me Dr. Dave," Malucci shouted above the music as he tried to place her face with no results. "But Dave will do."

Torres saw the confused look on his face, "Torres, Emma Torres. I'm a third year medical student, due to start my ER rotation today." She fumbled through some hastily rehearsed lines, hoping she didn't look too out of place. She held her hand out to shake his.

Dave grabbed her hand and twirled her around along to the music, "Hmm, we're slow right now, so why don't you have some fun, huh?"

Torres broke out of his grip, "Maybe later, *Dr. Malucci*, I'd like to speak to the person in charge."

Dave shrugged his shoulders as he headed over where some nurses were dancing with a tall brunette who wore huge looped earrings, "Dr. Greene and the Chief are off, so Dr. Kovac is in charge."

Bewildered, Torres tried to extract more information from the young doctor, "Which one?"

"Tall, Croatian...there next to Carol, uh...the nurse who's sitting at the desk eating cake," Dave hollered pointing to a goodlooking human and a dark haired woman.

Torres approached the couple who were yelling remarks to each other over the increasingly violent music, "Excuse me!"

She accompanied this with a tap on the doctor's shoulder, he turned to her and gave her a smile, "Speak up, I can't hear you!"

Torres showed him her holographic CGH ID card and began to shout louder, "I'm starting my ER rotation today!"

"HUH?" Kovac asked as the nurse, Carol, leaned over and tried to listen to what they were saying.

Torres leaned over and shouted into his ear, "I'M STARTING MY ER ROTATION!"

Kovac covered his ear, "You don't have to shout, Miss Torres!"

"Sorry!" Torres replies, not really apologising, just trying to mask her fustration.

Kovac and the nurse smiled at her, "It is slow, yes? Enjoy the party, have some cake and we'll start later. That OK, huh?"

"Fine!" Torres mouthed as she glanced at the cake that Carol was picking at, it was a bright shade of blue. Something told the Starfleet lieutenant that even though it looked disgusting, it probably tasted better than anything Neelix cooked. She sighed, but it wasn't Banana Pancakes!

She smiled as one of the nurses, who looked as though he was American-Japanese like Harry Kim, passed her some cake on a paper plate, "Yosh Takada!"

Torres shook his hand as she shouted back her holo-novel name, "Emma Torres!"

"Med-student, huh?" Yosh asked as he glanced at her short white lab coat and badge, "There are lots of you at the moment, Lucy, Abby..."

A latino nurse laughed hysterically at something one of the other nurses said, Yosh started introduction, "Oh, Emma Torres, this is Chuni Marquez!"

Chuni gave her a wave, "Hi Emma, where'ya from?"

"Umm, some place out west," she replied trying a bite of the cake, well it wasn't Gagh at any rate, "Oh, its Torres, everyone calls me that."

"OK," Chuni replied as she introduced the nurse next to her. "This is Conni Oligario...umm, that's Lydia Grabarsky...Yosh...Randi Fronzak, Haleh Adams...Dr. Benton...Dr. Finch...oh, Dr. Chen...Amira...that's Carol Hathaway sitting next to Kovac..." Chuni rattled off a list of names, pointing at various people in the room, some gave her smiles, hand-shakes and waves, whilst others just a nod.

An asian nurse gave Torres a smile as she pressed her fingers in her ears, "Lily Yorvik!"

Torres smiled back as two people she hadn't seen before stopped at the desk, they were both in long winter coats.

"Much more fun than OB!" The woman shouted to the man above the escalading noise emmitted from the sound system on the desk.

Torres noticed that Dave was already hitting on Randi, she scorned him mentally. Now, who did that womanizer remind her of, Torres thought sarcastically.

"We like to party down here in the ER!" The tall man replied. He took off his jacket whilst squinting at a board that was mounted on the wall behind Torres. He was young- late twenties, with short brown hair and deep brown eyes, just like the woman he was with. She noticed that the man looked tired and the woman wore a hang-dog expression, like many of the Starfleet ensigns assigned to deep space missions.

Lily introduced them, "Abby, Carter- this is Emma Torres our new med-student, Emma this is Abby Lockhart and Dr. John Carter."

She shook both the preoffered hands, and after polite conservation, the doctor who insisted to be called Carter, just as B'Elanna insisted to be called Torres, turned to Lily. Abby walked over to Kovac and Carol, attempting to make conservation over the rock music.

"Lucy hasn't got that leg lac yet?" Carter asked as Lily tried to block out the back ground music.

"No, she's still waiting on a pysch consult for the patient in curtain three," the nurse replied. Torres found the patient on the board, a P. Sobricki.

Carter sighed and headed off in the direction of the patient. Torres took this as her oppertunity to save her ear drums.

"Dr. Carter!" Torres yelled after him, "Do you want me to check on her?"

Carter turned around as he started to roll up his sleeves and took a step towards Torres, "Well..."



a) Carter and Torres go to check on Lucy together.

b) They decide to enjoy the party, and check on Lucy later.

c) Carter decides to check on Lucy himself and let Torres return to the party.

d) One of the Voyager crew turn up. Specify.



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