Title: "Big Brother II The Wrath of Ross"

Author: Anna Rousseau <annadelamico@yahoo.co.uk>

Genre: Cast/Interactive

Rating: PG-15 [immoral behaviour- shield thy eyes]

Series: "Big Brother"

Archive: Just tell me where

Summary: 10 members of the ER team are locked up in Kerry Weaver's home, hoping to be the last evicted so they can win a promotion. Previously we were at Kerry Weaver's door, about to see who the team has to intergrate with.

Notes: Not sure if this is funny. I have a very strange sense of humour, so I don't know what others may think of it ;)


A fantastic response, thanks for all your input and suggestions, I hope this part 'does you proud' as we say in Yorkshire. I'm going to try and stick with script format, though I might go into detail with the 'stage directions'. I drew the names out of a hat, just for the record, but I may have repeated the results a few times- other wise it would have been totally slash- sorry to Our Lady of Slash- Cathy. g:)

a)Who is at the door?

Jerry Markovic - 1

Anna Del Amico - 1

Doug Ross - 8

'Bob' - 2

Abby Keaton - 2

Carol Hathaway - 2

Maggie Doyle - 1

Dale Edson - 2

Ellis West - 1

Morgernstern - 1

b) What is the next task?

i) Someone is in charge for the next week. Who?

Dave Malucci 10

Doug Ross 1

Abby Lockhart 2

Luka Kovac 2

ii) What task will they set?

* a) Names are drawn from the hat and couples have to be joined to the hip all day.

b) If Abby, men have to wear tight jeans and obey the women.

c) If Luka, he can tell people to get lost if they don't like the way he BBQ's.

iii) They should try and stay alive for the whole week - 1 vote





"BIG BROTHER II" - The Wrath of Ross


[Kerry pulls open the large door- all present gasp]

MARK: Doug!

DOUG: Hi! [Steps into the hallway with a large sports back, knocking over Kerry in the process, who is now visably steaming from the ears.]

MARK: Where's Carol? How are the girls? [gives Doug a big 'best friends in a guy way' hug]

DOUG: Back in Seattle with Kate and Tess, they're just great- I never thought that I'd be a good father-

KERRY: [Picks herself up from the floor and brushes the dust from her shirt] Really?

DOUG: I'll pretend I never heard that Kerry [with back to her]

KERRY: What's new there?

CLEO: [Whispers to Abby] Whoa, catfight!

DOUG: Hey, Carter! I hope Benton isn't giving you grief.

PETER: You aiming to piss everyone off?

DOUG: That's for me to know and for you to find out, hey... Chen isn't it?

JING-MEI: [Offers her hand] Dr. Ross, nice to see you. Jing-Mei Chen.

DOUG: Mark, you've gotta handful with those two, remember her in med-school, knocking out Carter with the defib paddles..heh?

CARTER: Do you have to remind me?

DOUG: That's my job.

KERRY: Since you can't get one as a doctor.

ABBY: [Whispers to Cleo, still totally drunk] Did someone make Luka outta the genes that were left behind from Carter and Dr. Ross?

CLEO: The miracles of modern science.

ELIZABETH: [Eyeing Luka] Amen.

ABBY: [Eyeing Carter] Thank you, Jesus.

ELIZABETH: [Walks over to Doug] How's Carol doing?

DOUG: Fine, fine. She wanted to come, but Kate and Tess needed her, so I got the chance to rebond with my buddies. [Wraps an arm around Elizabeth's shoulder and whispers] So, you and Mark, have you er, got any little Greene-Corday's on the way?

ELIZABETH: [Hits him playfully] Doug!

DOUG: Get the idea. So, I know you, Mark, Carter, Peter, Kerry (unfortunately), and um Jing-Mei...but who the hell are you lot?

CARTER: Um, this is Abby Lockhart, 3rd year med-student.

ABBY: [Gives him an enthusiatic hug] Welcome, Dr. Ross...I remember you, always hogging the basketball hoop.

DOUG: You play?

ABBY: No [finally lets go of him and gives him a salute]

DOUG: O-Kay then [Cleo holds out her hand]

CLEO: Cleo Finch, pedes resident.

DOUG: Pedes heh? My replacement I guess.

KERRY: Not quite, she doesn't recklessly disobey seniority.

DOUG: Thank you, Kerry.[holds up hand] Get the idea.

CARTER: This is Dr. David Malucci, 2nd year resident.

DAVE: Just Dr. Dave...or Dave.

DOUG: Nice to put the name to the face, hmm, I heard about you from Carol, you ate her breast milk...geez.

DAVE: [puzzled] Wha...when, when was that?

DOUG: Not much going on up top either [whispers to Carter who laughs quietly].

CARTER: Last, but by no means least, Dr. Luka Kovac our newest attending.

[Up till now Luka has been hiding behind the girls, downing a cosmopolitan quickly when he heard the name Doug announced cheerfully by Mark. He turns around and nods at Doug].

LUKA: Dr. Ross.

DOUG: [Shakes his head, it's like coming face to face with a mirror, he is slightly aggravated that Carol failed to inform him just how attractive this Croatian was. He shakes Luka's hand] Dr. Kovac, nice to meet you.

LUKA: Umm [clears throat], the girls and Carol, are they well?

DOUG: Happy, healthy, terrific.

KERRY: [notices the edge of rivalry in the two men's faces] Hey, everyone, I hate to ruin Ross's 15 minutes of fame, but I still have to announce the next task.

[everyone piles into the living room and she opens a gold envelope]

KERRY: Big Brother says: 'For the next 48 hours one member of the group will have total power over the rest. You will obey them or be evicted. The choice of leader has been made...[peels off a sticker which she quickly sticks to Doug's head when he's not watching].....Dave Malucci.


CARTER: Malucci! [Grins evily at Dave who is in shock, he heads over and stands on the coffee table for attention]

DAVE: Umm, thank you, all of you. I never knew you cared...anything [he scratches his head]. Ok, Chief. Breakfast in bed, everymorning, the full works, bagels, fry up, waffles.

KERRY: It did say to make us into slaves!

DOUG: Do what you want, Dave, while you have a chance.

DAVE: [Egged on] OK [scribbles on pieces of paper and folds them up, tipping them into a large crystal bowl from the matle place]...this is the deal. Two names are picked from the vase, that couple has to stay tied together by one wrist for the next 24 hours

JING-MEI: We have to share beds? [her eyes narrow]

DAVE: Yes. [Extremely pleased by the idea]

CLEO: What about showers.

DAVE: I'm sure you'll all work out something.

ELIZABETH: This is chavanistic! [hoping for Luka, glad she brought her fancy French lingerie with her]

DAVE: So 11 of us, that means the first person picked is on their own, but they have to be my personal 'secretary' [not wanting to put it as 'slave']

JING-MEI: I'm doing to draw, I don't want you trying anything funny, Malucci.

DAVE: Me? [Disappointed]

JING-MEI: The very fortunate person is....Cleo Finch.

CLEO: Whop-ee, two days of attending to King Malucci of Butt Brain Land.

JING-MEI: First couple is....Mark Greene....and....Peter Benton.

MARK: [Peers over at Benton, not sure whether to be relieved or worried, Cleo is pretty happy] PK then.

JING-MEI: Up next....Doug Ross......and...oh, this one's actually legible Dave, how do you do it?....Dr. Kerry Weaver.

KERRY: I'm outta here! [picks up her crutch and tries to stand up, falling back into the chair in a drunken stupour]

DOUG: Shit, once again stuck with the alpha bitch attending of the ER. [buries head in hands] You sure Chen?

JING-MEI: As sure as Malucci is crazy. Third couple, Abby Lockhart...oh......[giggles] lucky Abby...she's with Dr. John Truman Carter the third.

ABBY: [Smile plastered over her face] Hey, Dr. Carter.

CARTER: Oh, no...[his face falls, at the thought of her drunken advances]

ABBY: [Pulls a pair of handcuffs from her pocket and attaches Carter to herself] You never know when they might come in handy.

CARTER: [raises his eyebrows] Where...why...oh great. [sighs heavily] Umm, Abby, I think you may want to slow down a bit...your not fully alert...and...[comes up with his favourite excuse] you're a med student.

ABBY: [raises her eyebrow] Never stopped you in the past from what I hear.

JING-MEI: Quiet, please. [panic stricken as she realises her chances are getting worse and worse] Ummm, next....Luka Kovac.....and *please*......oh....Elizabeth Corday.

ELIZABETH: [extremely ecstatic] Yes! [notices Mark's ice cold glare]...I mean, at least I didn't get Malucci...

JING-MEI: Oh, no...

DAVE: The final couple is Dr. Chen and Dr. Dave [winks at Jing-Mei] Hi, bed buddy.

ELIZABETH: Sorry, I didn't think...

JING-MEI: You did this on purpose, Dave.

DAVE: You drew the names yourself Dr. Chen [whispers in her ear] maybe you fixed it.

JING-MEI: In your dreams, Malucci.

CLEO: Sleep tight, you cosy couples.

DAVE: On second thoughts, Dr. Finch, why don't you join up with Dr. Benton and Dr. Greene [Cleo and Elizabeth give Dave icy glares]

PETER: Come on, Cleo [whines].

DAVE: [shrugs his shoulders] Remember, my way, or the high way. Capiche?

CLEO: [grunts] Hi, Peter. Mark.

DAVE: Handcuffs, anyone?



11:30 pm NIGHT ONE

BIG BROTHER: An hour later kicking and screaming men and women are subdued and handcuffed together, courtesy of the Big Brother 30 minute delivery service. Malucci organises the sleeping arrangements and the team settle in for a well, uneasy night's sleep.

[The bathroom, Doug and Kerry and handcuffed together and trying to brush their teeth]

DOUG: Kerry, can you pass me the toothpaste. [She flings it at him, he misses and it lands on the floor] Thank you, ever so much. [he bends over to pick it up, in the process Kerry falls over and lands on top of Doug, foam comes out of her mouth]

KERRY: Aggh! [she spits toothpaste at Doug]

DOUG: Oh, Kerry, this is all so sudden!


[The girls bedroom, Carter and Abby are also struggling]

ABBY: [a bit more sober] Umm, uh...OK.

CARTER: Hmmm [looks down at them, they have managed pyjama bottoms, but they can't work out how to do the tops].

ABBY: Maybe we can like, um, get one arm through...then...

CARTER: Then what? Let's just forget about the tops

ABBY: [giggles] Sorry....that just sounds a bit.

CARTER: [laughs nervously as he climbs into the bed first and drags Abby along by their wrists] I know...this is a first, sleeping with a co-worker, eh?

ABBY: [curls up under the sheets and flicks off the light] Not for you, I've heard.

CARTER: What have they been saying? [suspiciously]

ABBY: Who? [innocently, undoing a button on her blouse, bringing Carter's hand with her left one]

CARTER: [finds she has not moved her left hand, so making his lay across her chest] Umm, Abby...about earlier...

ABBY: [blushes] I'm sorry, I was slightly out-of-it...I'm sorry if I embarassed you.

CARTER; No, it's OK, I just didn't want you to do something you might regret [she moves the cuffed hand across his cheek].

ABBY: That is very sweet of you.

CARTER: [smiles back at her] Goodnight, Miss Lockhart.

ABBY: Goodnight Dr. Carter. [they both laugh, Abby closes her eyes]


ABBY: Yes, Dr. Carter? [opens her eyes]

CARTER: It's just Carter.

ABBY: OK then. Goodnight, just Carter. [she leans over and plants a kiss on his cheek, they fall asleep minutes later]


[In the same room, Luka and Elizabeth tip toe in]

LUKA: [pulls off his jeans and slips into a pair of pyjama bottoms] Umm, Dr. Corday, if you want some privacy...

ELIZABETH: [Unzips her dress, which conviently buttons down one side, so she can get the whole item of clothing off] Avert your eyes, how gallant of you Dr. Kovac. By the way, call me Elizabeth.

LUKA: [glances over at her to see her only in a bra and French knickers] Call me Luka.

ELIZABETH: [smiles as she drags Luka over to the bed] I hope you don't mind, all I have is nighties and I can't really figure out a way to put one on while [she glances at the cuffs] we're like this.

LUKA: [gulps as they get into bed] Oh, OK...[her leg touches his briefly]...I won't take advantage of you [he jokes].

ELIZABETH: [giggles] I can't say the same for me...[she edges over to him and plants a passionate kiss on his lips, which he reciprocates with equal lust]

LUKA: Elizabeth, what about Mark [she kisses him again, working her way down his neck, undoing the buttons on his shirt]

ELIZABETH: [pushes herself even closer to Luka as her kisses her again] Sorry, Luka, only room for two...

ABBY: [from across the room] Dr. Corday can you and Dr. Greene keep it down?


CLEO: [hisses] Peter? [she inches closer to Peter who has no free hands]

PETER: [whispers] Yes?

CLEO: Hi.[She kisses him on the lips passionately, rolling her body on top of his, Peter's hand moves to her back, bringing Mark's along] Is Mark asleep?

MARK: [dozily] I think I'm gonna puke.


[In the opposite double bed]

JING-MEI: Stop hogging the blanket, Malucci!

DAVE: You sure you don't wanna let me help you out of those clothes, Dr. Chen [edges closer to her]


DAVE: OK, OK, I get the idea...you know, Jing-Mei, this isn't some attempt to get you to sleep with me.

JING-MEI: No it's some feeble attempt.

DAVE: Right. Good night then.

JING-MEI: Night. [snatches the blanket away from Dave]

DAVE: Hey! [grabs the blanket back]

JING-MEI: Dave, you wanted this one-on-one attention, now you've got it. Give me the blanket or else!

DAVE: [sarcastically] Or What? You gonna give me the icy glare of Medusa- no, save me, please.

JING-MEI: Or else this...[She slips a key into the handcuffs, undoes them quickly and slaps her cuff on his other wrist and attaches him to the bed head]

DAVE: [Protests] Hey!

JING-MEI: [leans over his body] You complaining?

DAVE: Oh, baby!

JING-MEI: Good [seductively] I'll be right back [her finger traces a line down his chest from his jawline]...don't move.






a) Jing-Mei returns and does the nasty with Dave

b) Jing-Mei throws cold water over his head and goes to sleep on the couch.

c) Jing-Mei leads a revolt against Dave's tyrannical leadership.

d) Jing-Mei comes on to Dave, but he rejects her advances.



What else do the gang get up to?


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