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NOTE: If you are trying to contact Anna Jones please scroll down to the email access
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Anna Jones writes:

Sometime back I received the following query via email, not to dissimilar to many I receive:

"I need info please. Help me prove there are aliens in the galaxy and there WAS a Roswell crash."

I cannot answer such questions with any amount of confirmed accuracy as I have no personal experience in such areas. I have a tendencey to lean toward the Drake Equation when it comes to intelligent life, pro or con, in the galaxy. As for the Wanderling, if you read the various interlocked Roswell websites found at ROSWELL UFO, many of them contain comments and references to him. However, except on the one occasion related to the giant airborne object seen by thousands and thousands over the city of Los Angeles that has come to be called the BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES: 1942 UFO that he saw as a young boy and one oblique comment regarding a "small piece of foil-like material he knew wouldn't burn" in Meditation Along Meteor Crater Rim, the Wanderling makes no claim anywhere that I can find indicating he has seen alien bodies, wrecked spacecraft, alien symbols or hieroglyphic writing, or any other clear cut hard core phenomenon related to Roswell --- although truth be said, on the periphery it seems to be very, very close with, at least for me the most convincing being The Roswell Ray Gun.

All previous email addresses are no longer active. Below, as of 2017, is my most current.

Anna Jones




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