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Ectoplasm in the Superstitions 
Copyright Arizona Winter Visitor Newspaper 2/12/01

November 11th occurred on a Sunday, four evenings before the new moon. Interestingly, November had two full moons that month - one we call a Blue moon. It was a special day for another reason as well.

Numerologists will tell you that 11/11/01 had a special meaning. That date was special to a Florida Wiccan, Katrina L. She traveled from Florida just for this event.

The earth contains areas known as a vortex. One can visit the Sedona area and get a first hand experience of the well-publicized vortexes. Vortexes are points on the earth where the earth's magnetic lines interact to produce either a positive or negative energy. 

It was the vortex in the Superstition Mountains to which Katrina was drawn on this particular day. She desired to experience the energy flow produced at this site. Being a Wiccan and a numerologist, she knew that something very special would happen on this day at this particular vortex.

Katrina met Robert S. on desert  BLM (federal) land just outside Apache Junction. It is an undeveloped area used by several people unable to afford the more expensive camp grounds in the area. The area is peaceful and commands a majestic view of the Superstition Mountains. Robert was schooled in the ways of the ancients and knew what brought her to the area. He had been preparing his circles at  his camp in preparation for the event also.

Katrina explained her desire to climb the mountain and spend the night to observe the vortex in full splendor. Robert had reservations about her making the trip alone and offered to take her with him. He had climbed the trail in the area before and knew it well. He has known several witches and to have Katrina accompany him would be fine.

On Sunday the 11th, at noon, they left the trail head to climb toward their objective - the northwest corner of the Superstitions. Robert had brought along his throw-away 35mm camera that was a simple cardboard box, with a flash.

Balanced Rock behind the Massacre Grounds,
northwest corner of Superstition Mountain.

Flatiron, NW corner of Superstition Mountain.

By dusk, they had reached their objective, a steep sloping hill that commanded an excellent view of the vortex area. Robert began to cast his ceremonial circle, a circle that would protect those inside the sacred circle from any harm. It was dark, pitch-black to be more precise, as there was no moon light. They had no campfire or flashlight.

Katrina felt uneasy - something bad was coming. Robert also felt her concerns and told her not to look upon what ever she saw very long. Soon, they began to hear coyotes howling in the distance. The intensity of the howling increased - it was as if the entire mountain was full of howling coyotes.

It was now 10:00pm and the canyon floor below them began to glow an eerie green color. The walls of the canyon reflected the glow and cast shadows upon the rocks. Visible, moving, shadowy figures appeared within the glow. They were black - shadows cast by the green light.

For the next three hours they stared in awe at several life-size black figures circling the glow within the canyon. Some would circle the area in ever increasing circles, others would stay in the center of the glow. There were too many to count.  The intensity of the glow increased almost to the intensity of daylight - a green eerie daylight. Not a sound was heard. Not a breeze was blowing. It was cool, but not cold. They could smell a strong odor of hyacinth and other flowers.

By 1:30am, their bodies were forced against the slope. Not a disabling force, but a powerful force. They could not move at all. They were almost helpless.

Off in the distance they observed one of the black shadowy figures coming in their direction. It appeared to be going its own way and then, it turned toward them. As it got closer they could see that it was neither climbing or flying. It was going through the motions of climbing, hand over hand, but it was a few feet off the ground.

An Ectoplasm formation moves through the air at
Superstition Mountain

It was moving toward them. Not a sound was heard except the pounding hearts of two individuals - instinctively wanting to run.

But run where? The slope was treacherous and they were precariously perched on it. The glow of the canyon provided enough light to visibly make out some form of a being - the likes of which neither one of them had ever seen before. 

As it came closer, Katrina, although visibly shaken, felt safe within the sacred circle. Robert was more skeptical. He was afraid it was going to eat them and would have rather had a gun.

With every ounce of energy he could muster up, Robert took his camera and aimed it at the entity. When it was about 6 feet away, he took a picture of it. The flash of the camera illuminated the entity - then it disappeared.

By 2:00am, the energy field diminished and the glow began to fade. The shadowy, circling figures began to disappear in the center of the vortex. The vortex had collapsed. The chains of energy that held them hostage were now severed, they were free to go.

It was too dark and treacherous and with the present danger gone, they decided to wait until first light.

First light came about 6:30am and the long trip down the mountain began.

They had seen what others have seen and reported - glowing green lights, moving dark figures and restraining forces. They had sensed the feeling of not being alone and watched. The native Americans before us have the same occurrences in their legends. 

By noon, they reached the trail head. Both were glad to be down. Katrina wants to go back. Robert cannot wait for the next vortex cycle.

The film was developed with little expectation that anything would be on the film. To their amazement, the entity was photographed. The entity is a substance know as Ectoplasm. It is a translucent to opaque matter of unknown composition. Some believe it is a manifestation of one's own psychic abilities or an externalization of thought. Others believe it is a substance from another parallel dimension in time.

The photograph was scanned and e-mailed off to the Art Bell web site. The picture on the front page is the original one from the disposable camera.

Copyright Arizona Winter Visitor Newspaper 2/12/01







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