After You Read

The author of this story wishes to remain anonymous. Please respect that decision. To contact the author, you can email Throughout this story, there are clues to each of the secrets scattered throughout the novel. Zac's are very obvious but I have compiled a list of Taylor and Isaac's clues for you to enjoy.


*Taylor's Reaction To The Pornography Sign in Las Vegas in Chapter Two
*Taylor frantically washing his hands in Chapter Six
*Taylor's Reaction to Isaac going in his pocket to get his keys in Chapter Eight
*Taylor's dreams and memories he speaks of throughout the entire story
*Taylor speaks of always feeling dirt in Chapter Six


*Isaac concealing his mail and information he was looking for on his computer
*Isaac reacting negatively to the father and daughter at the mall in Chapter Five
*Isaac saying he is to selfish to ever have children in Chapter Ten
*Isaac constantly writing about regret. He wrote a song about someone he never knew.