Johnny Asia

Johnny Asia, guitarist from the future

"Johnny Asia hails from Woodstock, N.Y., so the cosmic energy may just be in the water. Whatever the source, Asia's transcendent, genre-spanning guitar journeys chart new musical cartographies, juxtaposing Django Reinhardt-like hard swing with dangling fusion harmonics and the space-age chord structures of John McLaughlin." - Editors' Picks at Music

"Johnny's music is universal in the truest sense of the term. It embraces the musics of this world and anticipates those yet to be discovered in the future. In a concert at Pauline Oliveros Foundation's Gallery at Deep Listening Space, Johnny's riveting performance transported the audience across time to places MTV can only dream about." - Joe McPhee

"If you want to know what the future of music sounds like..listen to Johnny Asia, then you'll know!" - Jazz Guitarist Dom Minasi

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Music of the Spheres

Inter-Dimensional Journey


Woodstock Quantum Ensemble
live in concert with Phoebe Legere and Joakim Lartey

Johnny Asia, guitar; Richard Carr and Gwen Laster, violins; Joakim Lartey, percussion; Damon Banks, bass.

A.I.R. Studio Gallery, Kingston NY March 19 2011