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Welcome to the Home of Abortial Paste, a one man band currently residing in Fort Dix, NJ.


Splatter Joe after Splatguts:
After Splatguts Splatter recorded a little demo under the name Force Fed Failure. Splatter listens to a large variety of music, mostly metal and punk. Anything from the 70s on up and felt he needed to do something different then Splatguts. After that the Death Metal came back to him in his song writing and he Formed a band with Former Gut LuCifer and local drummer Rebel called SledgeHammer Abortion. Alas, time wasn't on their side and SJ had to move to New Jersey with his wife. Unable to stem the music in his system, he continued to write music, but didn't have a band to help him put any tracks down. So what u hear on Myspace is Only Splatter Joe playing all the instruments and the drum programs. Several were used for the 5 song demo.
Of course AP is on Slum City Sounds, an Independant Label that has always been good to both Splatguts and Force Fed Failure, in letting the artists be who they want to be and go as far as they want to go. Check back here for information and maybe some merch from AP in the future.

AP Myspace
Slum City Sounds
Force Fed Failure
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