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    Why Christians Deconvert
    Conversation with Andy
    Dead Hitler Analogy
    Faith Healing
    Whose Side Are You On?
    God Is Just Beyond the Horizon
    Moral Absolutes
    How to Get Saved
    Comparing Homer
    Explaining the Power of God
    What I Believe
    CS Lewis' 'Oughtness'
    Pascal's Wager
    Fun in the Shun
    What Are the Chances?
    Bogus Martydom Stories
    Early Church Fathers?
    A Case of Divine Healing
    Rapture Delays and Darbyists
    What Propelled the
         Early Jesus Movement?

    Slight of Hand


    Lord, Lunatic or Liar?
    The Soul
    Head vs Heart
    Filling the Gaps
    Age of Accountability
    Liberal Theology
    The Majority Is Always Right?
    Why God Allows Suffering
    A Dime Under My Pillow
    The Jesus Virus
    Variants Affect Key Doctrine
    Bugs Bunny vs Resurrection



Answering Apologists

    Lee Strobel
    Eyes Have Not Seen
    Testing Eyewitness Evidence

    William Lane Craig
    How to Sell Snake Oil
    Knowledge and Certainty
    Paul's Resurrection Story

Sites to Behold

    Bart Ehrman
    Michael Shermer
    James Randi

    Bible Archaeology
    BAR Magazine

    Reasonable Faith
    Reasons to Believe
    Alvin Plantinga
    Josh McDowell
    Answers In Genesis

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