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Starbucks sucks i Don't feel like writing why i feel this way, but maybe later i will so just keep an eye out. But it has a lot to do with the price the taste ,they burn the hell out of those poor defenseless beans, the fact that they are a monopoly, destroy small locally owned coffee houses, and treat overseas workers like shit. What really hate most of all is the dumb names they give their drink sizes and those damn trendy white trash yuppie scum that were dupped into ordering in that stupid ass language and thinking that it was cool. Brain washed idiots think that Starbucks coffee is good because they see the brand name and assume that is what good coffee tastes like. Did you know that Starbucks is owned by Phillip Morris the cigarett Co.?

Starbucks sux

(this guy is a retard and likes Starbucks so sign his guest book and e-mail him telling him that he's an idiot)
(some news stuff about a guy who got the run around when he tried returning a broken espresso machine)
(this site is about this guy's life and how much he hates Starbucks if you couldn't guess)
starbucks sucks
(starbucks sucks what else can i say)
The Espresso Page
(i'm not sure if this guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to #5 on his 5 reasons Starbucks is the antichrist, you'll see if you go here)
news shit
(this is about mistreated workers)
(don't ask me some people are just insane, he says something about boycotting Starbucks and that is all i need)
starbucks free speach campaign
(i got the uncle sam pic from this site COFFEE GUARD)
Burn Starbucks
(this is not a real link so don't click on it unless you want to see the HTTP 500 - Internal server error page)
Best Buy
(i hate best buy so does this guy)
Home Depot sucks
(i work at one and i am a stock holder yet i still support this site because home depot is a wastefull abomination)

if you have a site that is anti-starbucks e-mail
me the address and if i'm not feeling lazy i may post it