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Pictures, Poems, and Fun Things

Pictures, Poems, and Fun Things


In a time of love and war,
Who will win and settle the score?
War is hell and love is bliss.
Fire burns within your kiss.
War is dark and cruel and bare.
Is love any different when itís
No longer there?
Could we discern between truth and lie
If it were before our eye?
War and love. Love and War.
Who will play and settle the score?

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My writings on love
I wanted to include something here
about the people I love. There are
my dear cousins Caleb and Lora who
have shown me love and who
demonstrate compassion and strenght
so well. I truely believe honesty
can be found in children, even
though Caleb is now 15. He
has shown so much courage over
the years. There are my friends.
Katarina Kasparova who has shown
me that true frienship is not
determined by the amount of time
you spend together or how close
you live. It's the depth of
friendship and the commitment to
maintain it over the years.
From Kristi and Tara, I have
learned that growth and maturity
are a part of friendship that
endures. Even with the changes
over time. Our friendship is
strengthened with the passing
years. In my new relationship
with Michael, I can only begin
to express my feelings by saying
this man is someone I can trust.
He is so patient and forgiving.
I cherish the time we are taking
to know each other more. He
is a good man. I admire so
many things about him. I
like how I am when I talk
with him. I am growing to
love him more everyday. Thank
you Lord for these gifts in
my life. I know you brought
them all in my life for a
reason and they help me
grow and learn as a person.
I hope that we all glorify
you with our actions and