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Welcome to the wonderful world of web site design. Web sites have become a staple of every day life. Once what was thought as a passing "craze," by many leading professionals, has turned into a reality that we can not seem to live without.

The simple reality is that 95% of homes in America have internet access. The other 5% have access to the internet thru there local library, school, or work. The internet is every where we go, and everywhere we look.

The ever growing World Wide Web, (the www before every web site) has millions of different things that you can do. Research, play games, E-mail, promote a business, or tell your friends and family a little about yourself.

That is where a web site designer comes into the picture. For those that want to sell a product, tell someone a little about themselves, or share ideas. If it is on the World Wide Web, it was done thru a web site designer.

Granted, there are many a site that you can go to, to design a web site, but they lack that personal touch that only a web site designer can give your site.

At Wolf Creek Productions, we are committed to doing just that. Listening to the customers needs and dreams, and turning them into a reality that they can share on the web to millions of people.


Are you in need of a personal web site, designed around your needs and dreams? Then check out the personal web site link for more information.

Are you in need of a business web site, designed around your company's needs that is precise and to the point? Then check out the business web site link for more information.

Are you in need of a Church or Non-Profit web site, designed around your needs? Then check out the Church/Non-Profit web site link for more information.

These links are for web sites where you can design your own web site without a working knowledge of HTML:

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The number of households with Internet access soared, hitting 41.5 percent in August 2000, up from just 26.2 percent in the previous 1999 survey.


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