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Church/Non-Profit Web site Information

Churches, Church Groups, and Non Profit Companies, can all benifit from the World Wide Web.

Churches can post information on their sites as to when and what time the services are, what special events are taking place, and information about the church itself.

Church Groups can post their own information about the events that they sponsor, as well as their location, time and date of meetings, and upcomming events.

Online prayer request rooms, are an excelent allternitive to public chat rooms. Would you rather have your youth in a place where they can be exposed to God's word, or exposed to what the public chat rooms have to offer? Both Church and Church Groups can sponsor such a prayer request room, with the requests going straight to the appropriate E-mails.

Non-Profit groups have rissen in the last few years. Raising money for all sorts of worthly causes. The web, has been an excellent media to get their message across to many people without the expense that other forms of media can bring. Local ads and television only reach a small audience, while the web reaches millions upon millions of future references.

The Reality of Advertising Costs

U.S. Yellow Pages 2" x 2" ad square $52.50 / month
Typical Local Newspaper 1" x 1 column wide ad $12.55 / day
4 line classified ad $86.00 / week
USA Today 4 line classified ad $700.00 / week
Wall Street Journal 4 line classified ad $900.00 / week
Local Radio Station 30 second ad $17.00 each
Local TV Station 30 second commercial $500.00 and up
Network TV 30 second commercial (primetime) $500,000.00 and up

With the rising cost of advertising on local forms of media, on National television and radio, how can your cause profit? The answer is ... IT CAN'T. Websites offer a solution that is cost effective and reaches an audience that is world wide.

There are many sites that you can go to, to design your own web site, but they lack that professional touch that only a web site designer can give to your site. Check out the links to the top right if you want to give them a try.

Many of these sites limit what you can do. They have limits to the amount of content that you can share, and limit the variety of a personal web site, (colors, fonts, graphics) things that only a professional can do.

Let us design a web site that is structured around your ideas, your beliefs, and your cause, not a web site structured around what they limit you to. Only a web site designer can add that personal touch to a web site. Only Wolf Creek Productions can do it at a price that you can afford.

Our company is dedicated to Churches, and Non-Profit orginazations, contact us for special rates for web site design for your Church or Non-Profit group.

More Information

Are you in need of a business web site, designed around your company's needs that is precise and to the point? Then check out the business web site link for more information.

Are you in need of a Personal web site, designed around your needs? Then check out the Personal web site link for more information.

These links are for web sites where you can design your own web site without a working knowledge of HTML:

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