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My name is Danny. I am 25 and live in Indiana with my fiance. I'm self employed. I am 5'9 with short brown hair and blue eyes which turn green in the fall and winter. I like to spend time with my fiancee(Apryl),cuddle,watch the sunset,swim,lift weights,and read. I have three tatoos. Two of which are to the right.

Apryl and I met online and were friends for a long time before we met in person. She moved to Indiana Februrary 4th, 2002. We have been a couple since Valentine's Day of 2001. We get closer with each passing day and plan to get married someday.

Apryl is 28. She's 5'2, long brown hair with blonde streaks, and hazel eyes. She is self employed. Her hobbies are reading, writing poetry, swimming, hanging out with her friends and just havin fun. Of course, her favorite past time is spending time with me!!!!!!! :)

We will have some pics of us on this page soon.

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