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Warren Central Boys Track and Field Hall of Fame

Warren Central's IHSAA Indiviudal
State Champions

Tony Mescall Pole Vault 1992
Paul Banks High Jump 1994
Jeff Martin 110m Hurdles 1995
Aubrey Herring 110m Hurdles 1996
Brad Griggs 800 Meter Run 1996

Warren Central's IHSAA Relay
State Champions

4X100 Meter Relay Anthony Hoosier
William Bumphus
Ron Mason
John Swanigan
4X400 Meter Relay Tyrelle Collins
Paul Harden
Jeff Martin
Brad Griggs
4X400 Meter Relay Jamel Perryman
Paul Harden
Justin Smith
William Bumphus
4X400 Meter Relay Keith Higgins
Jason Smith
Korrie Gillespie
Tyron Green

Warren Central's All Time
Indiana All Star Team Members

David Herrick Shot Put 1984
James Robinson Long Jump 1986
Rahvy Murray 400, 4X400 1986
John Fendel 3200 Meter Run 1991
Steve Adair 400, 4X400 1993
Brad Griggs 800 Meter Run 1996
Jeff Martin 110 & 300 Hurdles 1996
Aubrey Herring 110 Meter Hurdles 1996
Tyrelle Collins 400, 4X400 1996
Ryan Edwards High Jump 1996
Kenneth Carson Shot Put, Discus 1998
Adam Schildmeier Discus 1998
Morris Childs Long Jump 1999
Jon Anderson Shot Put 2002
Dennis Mitchell 100, 200, 4X100 2002
Mike Clevenger Shot Put 2003
Brandon Cole 4X800 Meter Relay 2003
Orlando Collins 400, 4X400 2003

Warren Central's All Time
Academic All State Track Men

Larry Horstman First Team 1995
Michael Bennett Honorable Mention 1995
Brad Griggs Honorable Mention 1996
Josh Stayton Honorable Mention 1996
Justin Smith First Team 1997
Nick Burleson Honorable Mention 1997
Jimmie Ellison Honorable Mention 1997
Mike Fitzgerald Honorable Mention 1997
James Harney Honorable Mention 1997
Geoffrey Klimazewski Honorable Mention 1997
Jamel Perryman Honorable Mention 1997
Damon Taylor Honorable Mention 1997
Preston Wilson Honorable Mention 1997
Joel Hawkins Honorable Mention 1998
Matthew Roberts Honorable Mention 1998
Matt Dellamonica Honorable Mention 2000
Brad Spillman Honorable Mention 2000
Daniel Hoffman Honorable Mention 2000
Dustin Cathcart Honorable Mention 2000
Garret Cathcart Honorable Mention 2000
Jonathon Burton Honorable Mention 2001
Mark Hudgins Honorable Mention 2001
Marcus Ikeda Honorable Mention 2001
Derek Nickelson Honorable Mention 2001
David Torres Honorable Mention 2001
Byron Sanders First Team 2002
Jon Anderson Honorable Mention 2002
Kevin Connolly Honorable Mention 2002
Shawn Moore Honorable Mention 2002
Adam Kent Honorable Mention 2003
Johnny DiCicco Honorable Mention 2003

Warren Central's All Time
Harry Hollis Mental Attitude Award Winners

Named for one of Warren Central's first all time
great track & field athletes. In 1931 Hollis was
4th in the 100 yard dash and 2nd in the long jump

Jason Schanzel 1995
Tyrelle Collins 1996
Justin Smith 1997
Michael Brooks 1998
Morris Childs 1999
Byran Cathey 2000
Richard Reeves 2001
Michael Watson 2002
Aaron & Adam Kent 2003
Shane Whittington 2004

Warren Central's All Time
"Set a Good Example" Award Winners

A school-wide award started in 1996,awardees attend a banquet in their honor

Aubrey Herring & Tyrelle Collins 1996
Preston Wilson 1997
David Wilkerson 1998
Brian Miller 1999
Brad Spillman 2000
Keith Higgins 2001
Jon Anderson 2002
Brandon Cole 2003
Matthew McCarty 2004