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Baker's Falls

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Height : 22 metres
District : Nuwara Eliya

This 22m fall is noted for the tremendous noise created by water pounding the large rock formation at its foot. Forming part of the Belihul River, it is surrounded by copious giant ferns.

Baker's Falls derives its name from Sir Samuel Baker, a British man who discovered it in 1845. However, Baker is also credited with the short-sighted achievement of having shot 50 elephant, five deer and two buffalos nearby.

Despite the presence of warning signs (that are often removed by confident bathers), the fall, and more specifically the 12m death trap of a plunge pool, has claimed numerous lives.

Situated on the Horton Plains (Nuwara Eliya District), Baker's Falls is accessible from Pattipola or Ohiya town. From Pattipola take the well-signed footpath and either follow it to World's End and loop back to Baker's Falls or take the right fork at the beginning of the path straight there. Immediately before the fall, there is a steep, root-strewn bank, which can be difficult to negotiate, especially in wet weather.

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Author & Publisher : Dharman Wickremaratne
Photographer : Anil Karunarathne

Home > Waterfalls > Baker's Falls

Updated February 14, 2007
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