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Meeduma Sri Mahindaramaya Ancient Viharaya

Up a narrow and steep short road leading from the main road from Rambukkana to Walgama is the Meeduma Sri Mahindaramaya Ancient Viharaya.

It is believed that this site derived its name from the fact that this was the spot where Mahinda Thera lived for a short period during the time of the construction of the Kota Vehera at Deliwela. According to local tradition, the original cave had been transformed in to a cave temple on the guidance of Mahinda Thera.

This cave can be reached by climbing a steep rock stepped path from where the rural beauty of the village of Meeduma can be well admired. The shrine room built under and into the rock cave is well decorated with paintings, sculptures and images of the Lord Buddha. A stone altar measuring 10 ½ feet by 4 ½ feet used for the offering of flowers is an ancient archaeological object in the compound of the cave temple. The present shrines at the site appear to be new additions of a comparatively recent period .

by Kishanie S. Fernando
Daily Mirror, March 20, 2005

Home > Heritage > Meeduma Sri Mahindaramaya

Updated February 3, 2007
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