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Karathana Gal Len Viharaya

The entrance to the len viharaya

The Karathana gal len viharaya is situated in the peaceful surroundings of coconut, teak plantations and paddy fields. It is a small len viharaya placed on a rocky outcrop which seems to suddenly emerge from the otherwise flat plains.

We were drawn to explore this place on sighting the sign board on the main road leading to Hiripitiya from the Kurunegala –Puttalam road. A short distance from the turn off on an unsealed road through verdant surroundings you can reach by vehicle almost to the door step of the len viharaya.

The cave temple or the len viharaya is placed in a length of rock and its entrance to the cavity is well shielded by boulders of rocks and trees. Inside the cave it is cool, comfortable and peaceful. When we went inside there were some women in deep meditation. On the side and on top of the rock is the dagoba of the temple. A short steep flight of steps leads to it. There is a stepped entrance to the temple from this side in addition to the main entrance. In the same premises was also a little school its buildings made of daub and wattle.

by Kishanie S. Fernando
Daily Mirror, May 01, 2006

Home > Heritage > Karathana Gal Len Viharaya

Updated February 3, 2007
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