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Budugehinna Cave Temple

- The temple that is called Punchi Dambulla -

Budugehinna temple is locally referred to as Punchi Dambulla.

The temple is believed to have been occupied by Buddhist monks from the 3rd century BC. The site is said to have been named thus due to the presence of Buddha images in the cave shrine room. One of the standing images is of stone. There are ancient inscriptions found in the premises. Apart from the main cave temple , on a higher level is an interesting small shrine room with paintings of the Kandyan period. Budugehinna Temple can be reached along the Galewala - Kalawewa road .close to the 32 kilometre post and close to the Devahuwa colonization scheme.

by Kishanie S. Fernando
Daily Mirror, March 06, 2006


Home > Heritage > Budugehinna Cave Temple

Updated February 3, 2007
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