Personal Profile 

Name                    :    K.Venkatraman

Permanent Address       :    Vasai (East) Dist.Thane, Pin Code - 401208.

Email                   :

Date of Birth           :    July 1st 1956.

Languages Known         :    English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil.

Family Background       :    Married,  Wife  working for bank, one  son  in 
                             school. Mother retired principal of a  School, 
                             (late) father was the G.M. of a bank.

Education Qualifications:    B.Sc.(Hon), D.C.S

Experience in Decending Order:

IMC Holdings P Ltd.     :    (Aug-2000 till date), Designation - General 
                             Manager, MLM Company with multi products.
                             * Created a network of over 28000 
                             * Wrote the software for distributor 
                             management and weekly processing of commission 
                             * Converted the company from proprietor ship 
                             to Pvt. limited company.
                             * Drafted the memorandum and article of 
                             * Streamlined purchases.
                             * Brought in auditors and created a monthly 
                             performance audit plan.
                             * Have extensively toured districts of 
                             Maharastra, Karnataka and Goa for marketing 
                             and developing business of the company.
                             * Built a team of over 28,000 distributors, 
                             they are also my down line.
                             * Prepared presentation and trained 
                             distributors in team spirit.

Regency Trust Limited.  :    (July-1996-July-2000), Designation - Regional 
                             Manager (Maharashtra and Gujarat). Company in 
                             business of Financing consumer products.
                             * Brought in Eureka Forbes account., Bajaj 
                             Auto, and Philips. 
                             * Have done a business of over 4 cr per year. 
                             * Software to manage my work was written by 
                             me, including tracking of cheques to be 
                             * Recovery of non-paying customers. 

Self-Employed.          :    (March-1985 till May-1996), CEO, Mumbai, 
                             Software development and data processing
                             * My experience in programming is from 1979. 
                             When I used to write programs in Cobol in PDP-
                             11/34. I have processed payroll for many 
                             companies. I used to do this as a part time 
                             occupation from 1981.
                             * Resigned from Andhra Bank as my part time 
                             business was giving me adequate returns saw 
                             opportunity in the emerging equity cult of the 
                             * Was processing share transfers and bank 
                             reconciliation for companies and banks.
                             * Was handling 4800000 dividend warrants for 
                             companies like Essar Gujarat, Essar shipping, 
                             Lloyd's steel and others.
                             * Started as a propreitory company, then 
                             changed over to partner ship, private limited 
                             company and finaly as a Public Limited 
                             company, with a authorized capital of 6 cr, 
                             and paid up capital of 1.3 cr.
                             * Sold off the company. 

Andhra Bank.            :    (Feb-1980 till Mar-1985), Cashier cum Clerk, 
                             Opera House, Mumbai, Banking, cash, 
                             Jt.Custodian, Advances

Porfessional Skills     :    * Can write programs in Cobol, Basic, Fortran, 
                             Clipper. At present prefer Clipper. In 
                             addition can use all the present software 
                             * Over two decades of wide experience. 
                             * Good in marketing skills specially direct 
                             * Can create presentation including writing 
                             script and create video presentation on CD's 
                             for practically any marketing situations.
                             * Ability to manage a team of 28000 
                             * Team player.
                             * Ability to set my own targets and work 
                             towards them.

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