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:Heartbreak Kid::Shawn Michaels:

 Roleplay Title 4
Getting Ready for Goldberg
 Roleplay Number 4
 Record 4
1 - 0 - 0
 Next Match: 4

vs. Goldberg for the Undisputed Title

 Tasted Sweet Chin Music: 4

Scott Steiner,

 Achievements: 4

Earning an Undisputed Title Shot

XWWA Smackdown comes on the air as the music plays and video starts to play. The video rolls for a good 45 seconds then ends. Pyros shoot off on stage as the camera shows different parts of the arena. Tazz and Michael Cole are shown sitting at ringside.

Michael Cole

Just 3 days after the biggest event in XWWA History, we are live here tonight from Boston Mass for Smackdown!


You said it Cole. Monday Night Raw was extraordinary. We crowned a new IC Champion, and finally saw Goldberg win the XWWA Undisputed Title.

Michael Cole

And we also found out who would get the first Title shot against Goldberg, taking place next week on Raw!

Sexy Boy starts to play over the PA system as people in the crowd stand to their feet and cheer.


And here he comes now!

Shawn Michaels dances out on stage.

He starts to walk down the ramp and he gets down on his knees. He puts his arms and head down as pyros shoot up behind him. He gets up and starts to walk to the ring.

Tony Chimmel

Making his way to the ring, please welcome the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Shawn gets in the ring and starts to spin around again. He gets down and does a pose as more pyros shoot up behind him. He gets up and gets the microphone from Tony Chimmel.

Michael Cole

There he is ladies and gentlemen, the number one contender for the XWWA Undisputed Title, who will be facing Bill Goldberg for that Title, next week on Raw.

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

Just like Julius Caeser once said- I came, I saw, I conquered. That?s right, last Monday night, I walked out to the ring full of emotions, and I proved to the world that HBK still had it in him. I gave everything that I had and it paid off. In what I could call a great match, I was able to defeat Scott Steiner, but in all honesty, I couldn?t have done it without you great people for giving me the support I needed. So please listen to me when I say- Thank You. **Crowd starts to cheer and chant for HBK** But the road doesn?t stop here. You see, now that I beat Scott Steiner in that match on Raw, I have moved up the ladder and next week on Raw, I get my shot at the biggest prize in the game, the XWWA Undisputed Title. But you know, its not going to be as easy as it seems. You see, I have to face the one man that defeated two legends in this industry Monday Night. He single handedly destroyed Hulk Hogan and The Rock in the matter of minute. This man is the XWWA Undisputed Champion, Bill Goldberg. **Crowd cheers for Goldberg** I would consider Bill a good friend of mine and I have been in the ring with him before, but the outcome of that match was a negative outcome. The reason for that is because a certain someone whose name I wont mention, interfered in the match and ended it right there. But this time Bill, I know that there will be a good outcome, and it will be a great match.

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

The reason for that is because you and I are two of the best in ring wrestlers of our time and we are bound to put on one hell of a show. So Bill, I will give you the same advice that I gave Scott Steiner, and that is to get ready for one hell of a fight. Because I have my target set on you and I wont be forgetting that the target is there until I get what is rightfully mine. And that is the XWWA Undisputed Title. You see Goldberg, the biggest reason that I chose to return to the ring here in XWWA was so I could become the number one man once again, and the only way I can do that is by beating you next Monday like all of these people want to see. Goldberg, I know that you like to come out here and talk about how you are going to destroy your opponent, and spear them, and all of that other crap. But Goldberg, you aren?t fooling anyone, especially not me. You can go ahead and say all you want, but I will always know the truth, and that is that I will always be better than you no matter how much you want to deny it. And once we step into the ring and face our destinies, you can try to spear me, you can try to hit me with the Jackhammer, you can try to do whatever you would like to try, but just remember Goldberg. If you can get me down with those moves, I will keep getting up and fighting back, because you will never be able to take HBK down and keep him down. If you don?t believe me, then just asks someone like. . . Scott Steiner for instance. He experienced first hand that I am still the old HBK that I once was, and that he couldn?t keep me down.

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

So Goldberg, be ready for anything in our match. I am not the same man that I once was, and if you thought that I was unstoppable back when we first faced each other, then you need to know now that you wont stand a chance against me now. This time around, our match is for the biggest prize in the game and this may be my last chance at a Title of this calaber. So Goldberg, you need to know that I will be bringing out the best in myself in order to take you down and keep you down. Look at it this way, it?s the Jackhammer vs. Sweet Chin Music. For your Jackhammer, you have to get me locked up and then bring me straight up, then back down to the mat. But with my Sweet Chin Music, you never know when its coming. It could be at the beginning of the match when you first step into the ring, it could be at the end when you are begging for life. Or it could even be when you begin to run and try to Spear me down. The fact is Goldberg, you wont know when its coming. When you find out when its coming, it will be too late to watch out, because once you are hit with Sweet Chin Music, you never get up. If you don?t believe me, then asks the hundreds of people that I have taken out with that SuperKick. So to wrap things up here Goldberg, lets just say that the one thing that is more important than others now is that Youre Next Goldberg.

Shawn throws down the mic as his music starts to play. He leaves the ring and begins to walk up the ramp.

OOC: This RP isnt one of my best, but I just did it in a hurry to give me an early lead for this match. The next one will be a lot better.


I hope you enjoy my RP!