Yahshua Or Jesus
What's The Difference?

By J. Dean

Who is "Jesus Christ" and from where did he originate? Upon this somewhat odd and seemingly ridiculous question may very well hinge the salvation of countless millions. Consider, if you will, that the name "Jesus" is an English translation of the Greek name Ieosus. (Which, in it's shortened version is IHS, appears embossed on the Catholic Crucifix). The letter J does not exist in the language of the name, therefore, it was added by English translators. Certainly this name appears in the Latin translation of the Greek manuscripts, gathered and interpreted by the Roman Empire in the year 325 A.D. This was a full 300 years after the Jewish Messiah.

The Romans sought to compile all of the written records available concerning the Messiah. They gathered together as many authenticated accounts, the written Acts of the Apostles, and all the "letters" or Epistles they could find attributed to them, and though I do not agree with the Romans on much, I thank God at least for this effort, for we would be hard pressed to understand Messiah's ministry at all without some form of these translations. They translated the Greek documents into Latin. It was the forerunner of the "Latin Vulgate," which exists in the vaults of the Vatican. What they came up with became known as "Greek New Testament."

This, of course, is a very simplified version of what happened; but, it is important to understand that "Jesus" or "Ieosus" is a Greek name. Why is this important? Because, three hundred years earlier, when the Jewish Messiah was born in a town called Bethlehem, to Hebrew parents, it is extremely unlikely they gave him a "Greek" name! Perhaps the name Ieosus is merely an harmless translation of a different name, in Chaldean; but, it's also unlikely that the parents of Messiah gave him a Chaldean name. We have every reason to believe that they gave him an Hebrew name.

The exact Hebrew name is Yahshua, or "Joshua" in English. The parents of Messiah, under the unction of the Holy Spirit gave Messiah the very name of the man who led the people of Israel into the promised land. How fitting? We know that they replaced the Hebrew name, Joshua, with Jesus, by examining the two scriptures where they messed up and translated scriptures that were talking about the first Joshua and accidentally translated the name Yahshua!

(Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8)
Acts 7: 45
"45 Which also our fathers that came after brought in with Jesus (Joshua) into the possession of the Gentiles, whom God drove out before the face of our fathers, unto the days of David,"

Hebrews 4: 8
"8 For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day."

We see in these two verses that the translators of the Greek New Testament, eager to replace the name Joshua with Jesus wherever they found it accidentally replaced references to the first Joshua with "Jesus." You find this error repeated in the King James Version, but in later translations this error is "fixed." In the newer translations you will find the name "Joshua" appearing in these two verses! What more evidence do we need? This also explains why the phrase "Jesus Christ" or "Jesus the Christ" appears so many times, because if they just said "Joshua" and not "Joshua the Christ," we might not know for sure of which Joshua they spoke.

It is obvious, therefore, that the original Hebrew name of Messiah was Yahshua, (Joshua).

On this web site, you do not find the name "Jesus" used in reference to the Jewish Messiah, the First Begotten Son of Almighty God (Yahweh). Instead you see the name "Yahshua." That is because many reputable people believe this to be the proper Hebrew name of Messiah, (or "Yahoshua"). The Hebrew name is a similar name to "Joshua." Many have put forth this name, and many reputable believing Jews use the name. That is why I have settled upon it for useage. It is highly regarded. Therefore, it is the name you find being used in this book, in reference to Messiah. I have gone out of my way to NOT use the name "Jesus" because Ieosus is not the name of Messiah, plain and simple.

First, and foremost, the name "Ieosus," has nothing in common with any Hebrew name, there is no existing Hebrew name to which you can reverse translate "Ieosus." Ieosus appears to be uniquely Greek, and has more in common with ancient pagan Gods, than it does the Jewish Messiah! There are no Hebrew manuscripts to be found, that predate the "Greek" documents from which was derived the "New Testament," and therefore, seeing that Messiah had Hebrew parents, it's more than likely the Hebrew name of Messiah has been somehow "misplaced" by the world!

We know that much of the New Testament was written by Hebrew Apostles, and that, aside from Paul, most of the other Apostles' ministry was focused on evangelizing the Hebrews. It's highly unlikely, therefore; that when Hebrew Apostles wrote letters or accounts designed to "save" the Jew, they were exclusively written in Greek. Even if the Apostles did write only in Greek, it's highly doubtful that they translated the Hebrew Messiah's Hebrew name to a Greek name, and equally as unlikely that Hebrew translations of their letters and accounts weren't immediately made by those who preserved those documents. Call me paranoid, but it seems far too convenient that no Hebrew versions of the Gospels, the Acts, the Epistles, and The Revelation could be found for comparison when the New Testament was compiled. These Hebrew versions of the texts simply had to of existed at some point in history, and would have definately contained the actual Hebrew name of Messiah!

It's also very odd to say the Apostles didn't use the Hebrew name of Messiah, even if they were to have written their letters and accounts in Greek, don't you find it strange that they did not use the Hebrew name of Messiah, but instead converted it to Ieosus, arbitrarily, and for no apparent reason. We are expected to believe that the Apostles all got together one day, before they started writing letters and accounts, and decided to change the Hebrew name of Messiah to a Greek name that has absolutely nothing in common with any Hebrew name in existence, and instead, resembles the names of several Greek Gods!

Nevertheless, this is exactly what most experts claim. That there were never any Hebrew versions of the Gospels, the Acts, and the Epistles, and Revelation. In other words, they expect us to believe that Hebrews, communicating to Hebrews, concerning their Hebrew Messiah, chose to pass around Greek manuscripts! Some experts try to make us believe the Apostles didn't even know how to read or write in Hebrew, a notion that is utterly ludicrous. How did they read the scriptures in the synagogue? Were those in Greek, too? If so, why did the Romans have to employ Jewish born scribes to create the Septuagint (the Greek version of the Old Testament)? When you consider the Hebrews had maintained their scriptures in their native tongue all the way up to 325 AD, the claim that there were no "Hebrew" versions of the New Testament documents becomes extremely suspicious! There must have been Hebrew versions of the documents that make up the New Testament! It looks like the translators of the Greek New Testament, The Romans, want to ignore and eradicate the existence of the Hebrew language, much as they, in times past, helped to try and eradicate the existence of the Jew!

It is very clear, or at least it should be, that something was done to the original documents, that were written in Hebrew, and now, most Christian "scholars" want to deny they ever existed. They must have existed! Consider the book of "Hebrews." This was an Hebrew author, writing to Hebrews, concerning histories and customs that were uniiquely Hebrew, and the author supposedly wrote it in Greek, and no one translated it into Hebrew for the Jews?

Could someone have been trying to hide the true Hebrew name of Messiah? Could the Romans have been attempting to remove the "Hebraic" out of their newly claimed Messiah? Did they want the world to forget that he was a Jew? When you study what was done to the practicing Jew for 1600 years in Europe, by both Rome, and then, after the fall of Rome, by the nations that emerged from Rome's ashes, the answer is obvious. They wanted us to forget that the object of their worship, Jesus, was a JEW! They were persecuting Jews all over the then known worlds! Which explains how, when Nazis were gasing Jews no one thought to inform them that the savior of their sanctioned churches was Jewish! Notice you don't hear of too many Christians dying in those concentration camps? Odd, if they were all "Jew" lovers, following a Jewish Messiah?

All of this leads one to believe that there has been a concerted and deliberate effort on the part of someone to hide the existence of the Hebrew name of Messiah, and, indeed, to hide the fact that any such Hebrew name ever existed, and this same deception goes on today, as a fine anti-semitic family tradition. People poo poo this as paranoia. They argue, "anyone could just open their Bible and see for themselves Messiah was a Jew, so they would have known they couldn't hide it! Not so! Personal Bible reading was forbidden, up until Wycliff, Luther, and a few others risked their lives to bring the "common Bible" to the general public! Early Roman Priests considered the scriptures so sacred, that to allow the common people to read them for themselves was, according to them "casting pearls before swine!" The Bible wasn't even in a language that the common person could read, but was in a language that only the "scholar" and the "priest" could read, and that's the way they liked it!

When one hears Protestants defending the "purely Greek" New Testament claims of the Catholic Church, and denying that Messiah ever even possessed an Hebrew name, this is perhaps one of the oddest and most perplexing turn of events. That Protestants would defend to the hilt the "integrity" of Rome, after all that the founders of Protestantism went through at the hands of Rome!

It has become necessary for us to clarify to the world the reasons why we pray to the Father in the name of Yahshua, instead of "Jesus."

Some, of the Christian religion especially, continue to misunderstand our use of the name Yahshua. Make no mistake about one thing, Yahshua is not simply "an hebrew version of the name Jesus." This seems to be the most common misconception. We would like to point out to those who make this mistake that the name "Yahshua" is not a "substitute" or "replacement" name for Messiah. If this were so, we should not use the name "Yahshua," for we are not so arrogant as to think that we have a right to give Messiah a new name other than the name he was given by God through his parents! Especially when you consider that at the naming of this name "every knee should bow!"

We DENY any implication that we are taking the name of Messiah and substituting it for some other name! That is a false accusation! We find such a charge extremely ironic when it comes from those who have actually changed the ORIGINAL name of Messiah (Yahshua) given to him by God through Mary and Joseph, at the unction of the holy spirit, and use a different name instead (Jesus). They are the ones who have taken away his God given name, Yahshua, and replaced it with the name "Jesus!"

It is the name "Jesus" that is a substitute name for Messiah. Followers of Messiah were calling him by his exclusive Hebrew name (Yahshua) hundreds of years before Rome changed it to the greek name Iesous, and even longer before the name Iesous was translated to "Jesus."

Some have argued that there is nothing wrong with taking the Hebrew name Yahshua and translating it into Greek. WE AGREE whole heartedly! HOWEVER, the greek name Iesous (or Jesus in English) is NOT a "Greek translation" of the name Yahshua at all! In fact, the two names have absolutely nothing in common! "Jesus" is not the same name as Yahshua (as spoken in greek)! They are two different names, two different words, with two different meanings, and most importantly these two names have TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ORIGINS! Anyone who wants to deny the above stated fact is completely uninformed, (or, if they are informed and they deny it, they are a liar)!

The name of Yahshua originated from Yahweh (God). He it was who established this name for Messiah thousands of years before he was even born, and the name was uttered by God's prophets to the people of Israel!

Consider this simple truth. Yahshua was an HEBREW, his parents were BOTH HEBREW. It is, therefore, utterly ridiculous to propose that he was given a non Hebrew name, (Iesous or Jesus). Especially when that Greek name holds absolutely no meaning in relationship to the birth of Messiah. Those who think Messiah was named "Jesus "by Joseph and Mary have offered NO PROOF of it! They offer no proof that Mary and Joseph even KNEW another language BESIDES Hebrew! Furthermore, I challenge anyone to try to find an Hebrew translation of the name "Jesus." If you do, I ASSURE YOU it will NOT BE YAHSHUA!

Anyone who thinks "Jesus" is the birth name, given to him by Mary and Joseph, well, they are just deluding themselves!

Common sense dictates that Yahshua, the Hebrew name, is the original name and that "Jesus" is the substitute! We have found that anyone who rejects this basic IRREFUTABLE FACT is demonstrating their lack of desire to know the truth! Thus, we move the issue of the sacred name of Messiah, Yahshua to the the forefront, because it is an excellent and quick way to find out how receptive a person is to truth!


Actually, if it were only that they call Messiah by a different name, we could almost live with that! If all anyone ever did was take away Yahshua's Hebrew name, and give him a Greek one, it would be a small thing to us! Frankly we don't care if they call Messiah "Frank" or "George" as long as they believe in him and follow his teachings. However, unfortunately, religions have done more than just to change the name of Messiah, they have also changed his entire person, and they have so altered his persona to such an extent that the Messiah they call "Jesus" is unrecognizable to the Messiah of scripture Yahshua Messiah.

Let's just look at the history for a moment. During ages past (and actually continuing on up to present day) armies have crusaded throughout Europe (and in the Americas). These armies have carried the banners and symbols of the substitute name "Jesus," before them, even while they slaughtered hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people! It is a mystery that so many well meaning people would INSIST on using the invented and contrived name of "Jesus" in light of all the innocent blood that has been shed in his name!

They haven't only changed the name of Messiah, they have changed his teachings, his mission, his nature, and even how he and his followers conduct themselves! Messiah obeyed God's every word, and exhorted others to do the same, yet religions have taken this righteous, holy, Messiah who demonstrated by example that it is possible to obey God's words, and made him into a Messiah who completely eliminated the commandments, and substituted OBEDIENCE with a half hearted BELIEF IN HIM! A sort of belief that demands NOTHING from those who espouse it, and never truly gives them that which they claim to desire more than anything on this earth! Namely, RIGHTEOUSNESS! Religions have created a NEW Messiah, who urges his followers to cast aside God's commandments, a Messiah who commands his followers to KILL IN HIS NAME!

The Messiah we know as Yahshua would and COULD NOT have ever authored the DEEDS that have been wrought by the religions of past (and to some extent the present as well), and would NEVER sanction the UNRIGHTEOUSNESS that is committed even to this very day IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

If you truly examine the history and the teachings of these religions, and then study the scriptures, and if you come to a knowledge of the Messiah depicted there, you can see how different is the picture of "Jesus" from the Messiah of scripture, Yahshua. If you can't see the difference, well you just aren't looking or you aren't paying attention, or plainly stated, you aren't listening to the voice of the Messiah!

No, the name "Jesus," is more than just a different name when they worship and pray to "Jesus." The Messiah of scripture Yahshua commanded us to NOT PRAY TO HIM, but to go DIRECTLY TO THE FATHER IN HIS NAME!

"In that day you shall ask me nothing, Truly Truly, I say to you, whatsoever you shall ask of the Father, in my name, he will give you."

When the religious call upon "Christ, Jesus," in their own minds they are calling upon a self proclaimed GOD! Their image of "Jesus" is a so distorted that the Jesus they envision is a completely DIFFERENT MESSIAH than Yahshua! Religion has taken the words and ministry of the TRUE HEBREW MESSIAH, Yahshua, and they have attributed those words to this distorted image of Messiah, whom they have re-named "Jesus" and they have interpreted those words in such a way as to pervert their meaning, in a vain effort to remake the Messiah into their own image, and they have, thus created an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ENTITY!

We here at TwoWitnessesUS.com hope this clarifies our position on the sacred name, Yahshua. When we call upon the name of "Yahshua" we are not just saying "Jesus" in another way, when we say Yahshua we are talking about the TRUE MESSIAH, and we believe that anyone who calls upon the "JESUS" created by religions of this world, they are (wittingly or unwittingly) calling on a FALSE GOD! A SUBSTITUTE MESSIAH!

Galatians 1: 6-9
"6 I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Messiah unto another gospel:
7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Messiah.
8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we (the apostles) have preached to you, let him be accursed.
9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any preach any other gospel to you than that you have received, let him be accursed."

It is interesting how the religious have twisted and distorted the ENTIRE BOOK of Galatians! They have turned a book written to exhort the followers of Messiah to WALK IN THE SPIRIT, and thus, walk WITHOUT SIN, and made it into a book that says you can't WALK WITHOUT SIN AT ALL!!

The author of Galatians was writing to a group of believers who had been deceived into thinking they could become JUSTIFIED, by being CIRCUMCISED! The Galatians were attempting to do something PURELY IN THE FLESH that could ONLY BE DONE through the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! The author said to them "walk in the spirit and you won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh!" (Galatians 5:16) Galatians teaches us that just following laws and precepts BY ROTE cannot JUSTIFY YOU. It tells us that ONLY THROUGH MESSIAH'S EXAMPLE can we hope to have the LAW FULFILLED in us! Religion has turned it upside down, making it sound like the author of Galatians was telling us NOT TO OBEY THE LAW when in fact he was teaching us the proper way TO obey the law!

The author of Galatians makes it quite clear to us that if we continue in transgression of the law, we "build again" upon the foundation of sin which was destroyed, we are saying that Messiah is the ADMINISTER OF SIN!

Galatians 2: 17-18
"17 But if, while we seek to be justified by Messiah, we ourselves also are found SINNERS, therefore Messiah is the MINISTER OF SIN? God forbid.
18 for if I build again the things which were destroyed (sin), I make myself a transgressor.."

In short world has taken the words of Galatians which tell us that we can only obey the law through the POWER OF LOVE, the POWER OF THE SPIRIT, and not through our own vain efforts, and made it to say that we can NEVER OBEY THE LAW! Now, if you tell any religious person that it is POSSIBLE to obey the law through the power of the spirit, they will accuse you of trying to JUSTIFY YOURSELF BY THE LAW.


We are NOT justified by the law, we are justified by the WORK OF THE CROSS, for it is the CROSS that delivered to us the power of the spirit, and it is the power of the spirit that makes us into a new SINLESS CREATURE! Thus, we are not actually FOLLOWING THE LAW, but rather, the good works of the law are FOLLOWING AFTER our FAITH! Religion has turned the ENTIRE message of Yahshua upside down in this way.

We here at Twowitnessesus.com are glad religion has changed the name of Messiah. We believe they have unwittingly performed God's will in this matter, for, had the evil deeds that have been done in the name of "Jesus" been done in the name of Yahshua, it would be nearly impossible to preach the true message of the Gospel without being associated with PAGAN Religions who KILL in the name of Messiah.

Thanks be to God that religion adopted the name "Jesus!" Perhaps the name of the true Messiah, Yahshua, is more powerful than we have supposed. Religions have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in their climb to the power. They have trampled the law and the prophets of God in their progression! Perhaps the name "Jesus" was necessary because God could not allow wickedness to be committed in the name of Yahshua, HIS SON!

Perhaps, indeed, the name of Yahshua is so powerful that religions and even their founder, the Devil fear to UTTER HIS NAME!

It's something to ponder, isn't it?

J. Dean

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