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Embedded Memmories


Never Mind The Broken Wing

I live..yet I've truly died
Drinking dharma's mana
Rejuvenates my spirit
a small flame of courage
a small deed done..yet well done
another thinks of me fondly
My spirit glows again
I'm gaining rebirth
amidst death..I saw white light


When the world is nothing but a dark inertia
...friendly stars is the only beautiful thing to see
...it is small..but it is pretty.
That little kindness over there.
..that little smile over here.
..an ear of listening over yonder.
..and a voice of wisdom like the north star.
..the brightest of all star.
..guiding you on your journey in life.

  • signature: Mei L.

  • Solitude, simplicity. This fleeting moment..

    Life is full of passing phases.
    We see the wake of the day and the arrival of the
    night.... everyday
    We play out different roles and wear different mask
    and when we are away from the stages where life sets us
    and the drama ends.
    what's left ..memmories to look back to
    what treasures to keep...lessons
    what matters most in the end...kindness and peace
    Life's melody has always been the same as before.
    Nothing new.
    When something good happens...it is a happy tune
    When something bad happens...it is a sad tune.
    Some people sees it as a passing phase.
    So they never really becomes too sad or happy and
    carried away by their emotions.
    They understand...just another repeated tunes and melodies of life in a diffeent form.

    What tune are you listening to right now my friend?
    Is it the melody of
    impermanence and change?
    A new beginning?
    An end?
    the coming of togetherness?
    Positive emotions
    Negative emotions
    restless thoughts
    still thoughts
    no feelings
    What tune are you listening now in this quiet moment of reflection?

  • signature: Mei L.

  • Praying for the wrong thing

    "Very often the reason we're uncomfortable is because we've not been praying for the right thing, and on some deep level we know it. We pray to meet our soul mate, instead of praying for the grace to become the woman our soul mate would be attracted to; we pray for worldly success when what we really long for is a sense of authentic accomplishment; we pray for more money, when what we need is a change in our relationship to money. We pray for a certain outcome in any given situation, when what we should be praying for is peace of mind, no matter which outcome occurs." --BY Sarah Ban Breathnach, in Simple Abundance

    (note...2004,November 18..I didn't know untill now that I'm actually reading Sarah Ban Breathnach's second book called Romanzing the Ordinary...what an amazing woman...and what a coincidence...I wasn't even aware of her name that is already in my homepage...)
    (Mei L.)

    Lover's touch

    Only you can touch and make me feel this way.
    Because everything becomes meaningful and precious with you.
    Only you can stir the flames in my heart and unlock the passion asleep deep in my soul

    Only you can make me blind and steal away my heart

  • signature: Mei L.

  • Afterthoughts: It isn't true..that only one person can make us blind. I had fallen in love with another after the relationship ends...and each time...a new beginning...I had loved with the same passion as I did in the past. Perhaps...we were all waiting to fall in love...and we were the one who decide whether we want to fall madly in love or not. It is a choice. Once you made a choice to fall in love and commit to this...it is hard to turn back...because...you wanted this madness..this blind passion...this feeling of nostalgia makes you feel you have a lover..makes you feel..you found him or her.

    [Nov 22][2004]
  • signature: Mei L.

  • Solitude, simplicity. This fleeting moment..

    All passions and desires extinguished.

    Lighthearted my heart

    gentle my speech

    carefree my actions

    Letting go of all petty cares of this world

    Cool I am.

    [April,15][9:39 pm]
  • signature: Mei L.

  • Sorrows

    Grief...it is endless. The many rebirths...and more to be expected in the future.

  • signature: Mei L.

  • Short sighted

    The passionate love and games between men and women..so short-sighted a love compared to compassion.
    Personal grudge towards one person ...a short sighted emotion compared to loving kindness and wisdom
    The pleasure found in glory of fame and wealth...so short-sighted compared to the inner bliss found in the morning calm, listening to the chirping of birds outside the window, the sound of wind chimes
    The daily activities...the ambition....so short sighted compared to the vast open field of spirituality

    [March 27,03][1:25pm]
  • signature: Mei L.

  • So empty

    I feel so empty.
    Songs so enchanting...I used to enjoy
    Listening now...I feel so empty
    I don't know my direction in life
    Nothing seems fine
    Is it just for movies? That perfect picture everyday
    Will I make it to the end...
    Nothing push me anymore
    I'm only spending my days...
    Just going with the flow
    Don't feel like putting out any effort again
    Feeling it won't last
    It's strange how you can let go of everything
    with just one liberating thought
    Light hearted
    troubled not by anything
    suddenly joy springs forth out of nowhere
    why? When you sit quietly..joy will alight in you?
    How strange this world
    How strange life is
    How strange....living
    Changing emotions

  • signature: Mei L.

  • Death

    It's just so crazy clinging to everything that changes...

    Beauty - old age, bones

    Love - hate, enstranged,pain

    I will perish. You too.

    So much effort put out...to maintain peace, security, love, friendship....and to loose everything on that one day....an appointment with death.

  • signature: Sakura

  • AFTER THOUGHTS: You found my mental dumpsite full of littering...also...perhaps you have discovered some memmories I've treasured...and still do.
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