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An Encounter with Humanity at its Greatest

Standing in line-people rush past
For how much longer will this craziness last?
Iíve nowhere to turn to-Iíve nowhere to go.
Is this in its entirety, the Last Picture Show?

I get to the window-down comes the glass.
Why does everyone have a bug up their ass?!
I try to be cordial-I try to be kind.
But at this precise point in life, Iím losing my mind.

If Iíd gotten there sooner-or not come at all,
What if, just perhaps, I had gone to the mall?
I wouldnít be standing here-clinching my fists.
Then I wouldnít be standing here, wondering ĎWhat if?í

Turning around-heading back to my car,
Only to find that my door is ajar.
I try not to notice-I try not to care
I swear if one thing is missing, Iíll pull out my hair.

Nothing is missing-What would they want?
All there is, is a sweater, a scarf, and some junk.
I take a deep breath- I try to relax.
I think itís finally hit me, Iím stressed to the max!