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My Song

I didn’t go out looking for you,
You suddenly were there
I spoke to you a few times
We hardly even cared

You appeared –and that I feared
Would make me lose my ground;
I’d become the putty in your hands
For you to mold and pound.

I tried to avoid it, yet
The feelings came a’creeping;
I tried to push those feelings back,
Which only left me weeping.

At first my head was high and strong
Without a secret plan.
I asked you to go with me,
To be my escort man.

You agreed- with rapid speed
To oblige with my request,
Just as friends as I had planned
For I thought that it was best.

Time passed all too quickly;
Emotions filled my heart;
My head was of confusion;
My soul ripping apart

Two months passed after that,
I was overcome,
With joy of new-found friendship;
Emotions on the run

Without a clue of where to turn
I went out on a limb;
A mutual friend was all I had
And so I talked to him.

It was he who gave to me,
Amongst the times of toil,
The strength I needed to progress
To know why I was loyal.

It took some prodding on his part
To convince me to be strong;
To share what I was thinking;
To sing to you my song

And so I sang my song for you,
As plainly as I could;
I spilled my heart into your hands,
Unsure of if I should.

Though my song lacked melody
That was music to your ears,
My song was true as it could be;
My song was fueled by fears

I knew not, what to expect;
Nor what would happen next.
I never knew these feelings,
Had a power so complex.

Honesty, you gave me
It was all that I could ask.
My hopes are ever-golden,
My confession, in the past.