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I have a pretty diverse taste in music. I am definitely a rock 'n' roll girl, but I'm fairly open to other genres. I'm not a fan of metal, country, or ghetto rap, but other than that, there's very little I dislike. I can't tolerate some music, but it's very selective. Anyhow, here's a list of my favorite bands/artists (I'll probably put albums too, as some I like more than others):

The Beatles (I love all of it!)
Weezer (the older stuff...Green was just not the same)
Counting Crows
Collective Soul
Foo Fighters
Loudon Wainwright III
The Cure
Dashboard Confessional
Sarah McLachlan
Elvis Costello
Majandra (The Sicks)
Sinead O'Connor
The Cardigans
Carole King
Tom Petty

Okay, those aren't really in a particular order and I'm leaving stuff off. So I'll be editing this page periodically.