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about me

hmmm...Let's see...Well, for starters, I'm Danielle. I'm 18 years old and I live in the amazingly beautiful Hobart, Indiana. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Murder Capital of the World(for the 7th year running!!!). Yes, I'm talking about Gary, IN. Not everyone can say that. Anyhow, chances are if you're reading this, you know me and probably have at least visited Hobart. Hobart's not a bad place. It's not incredibly's not incredibly anything, but that also means it's not incredibly boring. I try to make the best of wherever I'm at...

Anyhow, onto something more important. I spend my time acting, dancing, singing, doing magic, studying, occasionally hanging with mi amigos, working at the local DQ and trying to keep my personal life from Steven (who notoriously gets involved when we work together), and occasionally, if there's any free time I try to get some sleep! I love sleep and everyone knows I don't get enough most of the time.

This fall, I plan to attend West Virginia University with my best friend, Kristen. I just came home from a visit. It's really great there. I plan to study either Forensic Identification or International Studies. They have the top undergrad forensics program in the country...maybe the world. I'm still trying to decide. So I'll let you know when I know...

That's about it for least the stuff you'd be interested in... Check out the rest of the site and leave a message for me... Ciao! ~DKN