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May 8, 2002

I am an idiot! Okay, it's
really official now.
Everytime things start to
work in my favor, I do
something to screw things
up again. Let me start
towards the beginning.

Prom was this past weekend.
It went well, I think. I
won't say it was perfect.
There were glitches (not
so much with me, but with
others in the group);
however, it was very nice.
I had a nice time and
allowed myself to get
extremely confused, though
I stand by my belief that
it has been more than worht it.

After arriving home from
Chicago saturday, I decided
to address the confusion,
only to leave me feeling
kind of empty...almost
frozen, and extremly tired.
So now, I wait... for a
response that I'm afraid
will not come for quite some
time. That's all I feel like
saying now, so I'm gonna jet...

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