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March 27, 2002

I realize that Bradley and Gillian are quite ahead in the car name poll, but after tonight, I'm seriously considering getting rid of the name contest, and going with P.O.S. More on that later...

This week has not been good. Worst collective week of my life thus far actually. Sunday, I dyed my was brown dye but turned out black. It looked great if it was pulled back or curly, but if it was just down, I looked like a vampire. Monday, I find out this really annoying kid likes me. Those of you who know the 'dutchboy' understand. Tuesday, I did something I kinda regret, but I needed to do it. I don't regret doing it; I just think I should have approached it differently. It became THE night...that's all I'll say for now. After that, I was okay. Not outwardly ecstatic, but I was hanging in there.

Then comes today, wednesday, I come home, eat dinner, and decide to go to the salon and get my hair fixed. So I get out there, and they start. Next thing I know, they've run out of the toner to finish coloring and have to go get more from another salon. So, that took 20-25 minutes. Then she finishes coloring and she cuts it. I pay, make a prom appt., and leave. I get out to my car and start it. It sounds wrong, so I turn it off and try again... It won't start. So I go back in and call. My step-father gets out there within 10 minutes (which felt like an hour or so) jumps the car, and I'm off. I only make it about halfway home before my car loses all power and coasts into the intersection. Luckily no traffic was coming because no power=no brakes on my car. So I slam into park and contemplate what to do. Luckily, a nice woman stopped, followed by a man to help me get the car out of the intersection. I was sooo scared. I was scared last night, but that was different. Eventually, while the man went home for jumper cables, another lady stopped with a phone. So I call home and my step-father heads to the intersection and continues to razz me about the way I came home. I'd have been dead had I gone his way, but oh well. So I get jumped, thank the good samaritans profusely and head home only to fail again...and 3-4 additional times on the short trip home. I was a nervous wreck. I ended up driving the blazer home... I hate the thing, so I was never happier to see it... Okay, so that made tonight bad. I guess that's all I'll say for now because I'm falling to sleep here. 'night...