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April 25, 2002

Have you ever met someone and felt
like your world stopped. Someone who
changed your whole outlook on the
world around you. Someone who could
always make you laugh when you're
depressed. Who makes your breath stop
when they're near? Someone you want
so badly to know better, but despite
how hard you try, they shy away?
I have. I am... I do... I do?!
Wait, that's not what I meant! I
don't know what I mean actually.
I've never felt quite like this
before about anyone else. Sure,
there's been the occasional crush.
The occasional boyfriend....and the
not-so-occasional event where I break
up with them. Yep... I've never
been dumped... Sounds pretty great,
huh? Well, that's only part of the
story because now, I've fallen...hard.
My body is still numb from the impact...
um...a few months ago. I'm feeling
awkward writing this, but I have
nothing to hide... All for now before
I make a total fool of myself.

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