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April 20, 2002

And so on, moves my life...
Last night went okay. Not
the perfect performance I
had wished to go out on,
but it was an experience.
I have been in a rather
strange mood recently and
I'm not sure what to
attribute that too. I
don't think it can be
pinned to one thing. I
became really upset when
my mother told me to pack
my things earlier today. Can
I not enjoy my last month
or so?! I mean, I'm moving
upstairs for the summer and
then it's off to school. I'm
sorry that they want to move
to the middle of nowhere, but
I have absolutely no interest.
I don't ever want to live out
there. Not even when I come
home from school. She just
doesn't understand what an
awful feeling it is. I'll be
staying here with my sister
and her family through the
summer so that I can work and
visit with friends, but it's
still not the same. I think
I'm going to write a poem
now...or some lyrics or something...
I'm in that kind of mood.