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April 2, 2002
Yet another exciting day in my
life! As if my car hasn't crapped
out enough, I got stranded at
Walmart today! Fun, fun... Anyhow,
life is truly like a box of
chocolates (A cheap, thoughtless,
perfunctory gift that no one ever
asks for. Unreturnable because all
you get back is another box of
chocolates. So you're stuck with
this undefinable whipped mint crap,
which you mindlessly wolf down
when there's nothing else left.
Sure, once in a while there's a
peanut butter cup, an English
toffee, but it's gone too fast
and the taste is too fleeting.
You end up with nothing but broken
bits and teeth-shattering nuts,
which if you're desperate enough
to eat, all you've got left is an
empty box filled with useless
brown paper wrappers.) I didn't
write that, a Mr. Glen Morgan did,
however I think it's genius! I'm
not quite that negative
about life though...generally. I
thought I'd have something really
profound to share, but unfortunately
my spring break is boring...
Saturday, I got new strings for
the old guitar I can't play!
hmmm...Anyone want to help?
I have 2 guitars that were my
grandfather's. Neither were very
expensive, but they're sentimental.
One's acoustic, one's electric...
the electric needs some repairs.
If I learn to play a bit and
enjoy it I can buy a new one,
so that's cool...assuming I
learn to play. All for now


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