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Taylor Paul

Hey any girls that read this sight if u have a picture on hand send it to me i will try to send u a picture of me. I will be at hockey so u girls if u dont like hockey well than screw u. Any guys that dont like hockey well screw u. U maybe nice but you better except me for who i am like some friends i have Leemor, Brittany, Janie,Lyle,Jarret,Joe B.,Joe C. All these people no matter how long i have known them they have always been supportive of me. They arent mean. They dont always care that im gone to hockey but they all like me for who i am.

My Favorite Things To Do

My Favorite Things About A Girl

Be Hot (my oppinion)
Willing To Do Something unless ur exeptionally hot
Able To Have A Good Time
Wont Betray Me
Good Look
Hot & Sweet ( My Oppinion)