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Hector Morales

Algebra 2 (underclassmen), Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Science Research, Astronomy, Computers

4 hedgehogs (out of 5)

"No! No learning in this class!"


Call him: When: It means:
Momo Anytime "Peaches" in Japanese
Hector/Hektor Early in the morning's his name.
Hekz0r Around technology leet hex0r, duh.
Morales When you need something Yet another form of his name.

Best known phrases:

Momo is a great guy. He really is. He once had his pencil sharpener "liberated" by Mr. Hammilton (free at last!) and his tissues stolen by Mr. Bauer. He has the posters in his room arranged in *shudder* alphabetical order. Frightening? Oh, yeah.

He has "invented" a rather cruel and unusual form of education called "Mathercising", which entails the class, a box of candy, Momo (coffee in hand, of course), an overhead, and a boom box all sitting in the Fitness room far to early in the morning for any coherent thought. You then graph the equation Momo writes on the overhead with your body whilst listening to crappy "motivational" music on the boom box. The up side? If you do it right, you get candy. Mm. Candy.

Vital Statistics

If you fall asleep in class he has been known to throw books or move the rest of the class outside so you awaken alone.