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Sunny Sky Stables is in no way real, but rather a stable in a sim horse game called
Adventures With Horses.

As your car drives along the winding road through the outer limits of Bucks County Ohio you let out a little gasp of amazement because of the beauty that is evident outside of your window. This is too good to be true, you think as a large farm with many barns strategically placed around the many show rings comes into view.

You take a right onto the private road that leads you right up to the stable. After you put your car in park, you slowly get out of the car and just stand there, surveying the setting. Each barn is quite large and upkept perfectly, and each one looks like it just had a fresh coat of paint. Off in the distance you can see the hills rising to the sky. There is some cleared out area in a perimiter of about one hundred feet around the stable but beyond that it is covered with large trees. Here and there you get a glimpse of a trail.

While you are busy studying the scenery, you hear someone come up behind you. "Hi, Welcome to Sunny Sky Stables!" The girl seems to chirp. "Oh, hello." You say. "How are you? My name's Jessica." She says as she takes off her riding glove and shakes your hand. "I'm the owner of the stable here, would you like me to show you around?"


You reply...

No thanks, I'll just look around on my own.

"No Thanks, Could you give me a map instead?

Yes! Please show me around!